+1 button for sites; use Google profile to make a recommendation

Google +1 button for websites launched on World Wide Web

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Google has launched the +1 button for websites, and already every site you visit seems to have installed the app. It obviously presents an exciting new opportunity for those who visit to share content via an all new channel.  Its working isn’t difficult or new but it still does offer a new and exciting option, especially because the Google brand seems so closely involved. People trust Google, and most importantly use Google all the time, as such the choice of using a Google based sharing application seems a natural choice.

Whether its buttons through a ShareThis plugin, or simply a Facebook share button, we’re used to sharing articles, blogs and website via our preferred source multiple times a day. As such, using the +1 button for a recommendation on Google search doesn’t seem a bad idea at all. It’s a great way to let contacts and friends know what you think of something, and help pass it on in Google search. It’s a simple ideology. When someone makes a Google search, if its related content and you’ve made a +1 recommendation, they would see that. This in turn can help make anyone’s search a lot more fruitful because they can easily pick your recommendation over others rather than peek into everything that shows up on the first page of a Google search.

It’s a good time to actually use your Google profile to make a +1 recommendation

The only requirement to make a +1 recommendation as can be expected is a Google profile, and this isn’t asking for something out of the way considering most people already have a Google profile set up. The +1 button as some may not has been in use by Google for a few months now but has only been made available online for all this week. Even ads have been taken into consideration when it comes to the +1 feature. Apart from the net now being flooded with +1 buttons on almost every site you turn to, Google has partnered with a few online channels where the +1 buttons would be visible.

Considering this is a big Google endeavor, it comes as no surprise that the +1 button would be used on Blogger, Android Market, YouTube, and Product Search. Obviously your +1 recommendation isn’t just limited to a Google search, and can be termed as omnipresent, i.e., anywhere online. This single powerful click will let you recommend anything of your choice to not just friends but contacts, and through these known channels your recommendation goes out to the wide web world. When connections make a relevant search, they will see your +1 in a search result, which in turn helps them.

Webmasters rejoice as Google +1 button available for English language searches

The +1 button for English language searches on Google.com is easily being spotted today, and if you wish to make use of +1 on search results and find ads quickly, one can make use of it. If you are surprised why you see no recommendations it’s probably because you aren’t signed into your Google account so make sure that doesn’t go amiss. Webmaster’s can get the +1 button, and learn more about implementing it from the +1 webmaster site, while others can make use of the experimental search site.