10 Keywords that Will Propel you to Digg Homepage

The 10 deadly keywords :

  • 1) Digg
  • All you need to do is to write about digg, its effects and everything that happens when you get dugg.

  • 2) Firefox
  • Did you know that 80% of Digg users use Firefox. By Taking advantage of this you could easily have a frontpage story within moments. Write about anything ranging from plugins, themes, new releases or security holes.

  • 3) Microsoft
  • Diggers hate microsoft and its services. If you can lash out stories against Microsoft it becomes more easier for you to make it to digg homepage.

  • 4) Google
  • Diggers love Google and its services. After the redesign of Google reader there were atleast 6 stories that reached the frontapage with the word Google reader in it.

  • 5) How to’s
  • A very popular frontpage story. Almost every other day a How to makes it to the homepage. If you can write something useful you can easily make it to the front.

  • 6) Launch
  • Seems bit weird huh?? This is particularly easy. If you see that a new service has been launched and is pretty useful then write a story and you can make it to the homepage.

  • 7) Linux
  • Diggers are basically nerds. They fight for Open source software and Linux is their leaderboard. Why? Diggers despise Microsoft.

  • 8) Apple
  • Once again Diggers despise Microsoft!!

  • 9) Hacked
  • Found your way through some geeky shit like myspace or blogger. Mention it and you are on the digg homepage.

  • 10) Environment
  • Can’t help but I had to mention this one. Diggers are really worried about Global Warming and stuff like that and I bet they will digg your story simply because they think they are helping the environment..

Dress your stories with these keywords and see if you can make it to the frontpage and then do remember to thank me after you make it..