10 of the Best Google Apps Ever!

I am a big fan of Google and its products. I really love the company for its continous innovation among new and useful services for the average user. Google is my personal homepage and my life on the net starts from Google and ends at Google. I use services like GMail, Google Reader, Webmaster Services almost everyday.. Well here are some of my favourite services from Google and mind you they are ranked in the order of my preference…

  • Google Search
  • Well actually this had to be the number one, since Google is all about helping us find things. I decided to drop its rank to zero simply because most of us use Google for the sole purpose of Search and nothing else..

  • GMail
  • I think gMail has made email all the more simpler than ever before. Keeping with the google’s trend of keeping things simple GMail remains my favourite mail client. Built with the one of the best spam and anti-phishing filters gMail also manages to keep the bad stuff out of my inbox..

  • Google Adwords and Adsense
  • Most people say that it was Google Adsense that actually revived the internet. By allowing a large scale of people to monetize their site, we saw the emergence of a new breed sites, the main purpose of them was to earn money thru adsense. Before adsense the internet was dying, there were hardly any sites that were added to the web everyday.

  • Google Reader
  • This is one of the best products from the Google Stable. A Feed reader that makes it easier to find the news that you are looking for and its simplicity really amaze me. Its neat layout and easy to use AJAX enabled layout allows anyone who is a feed junkie to make his life all the more easier.

  • Webmaster Services
  • Now this is a really cool service from Google. Webmaster Services allow you to optimize your site, prepare sitemaps and host of other things that helps Google index your site better.

  • Blogger
  • Blogger as far as I can remember was the first service to make Blogging more popular. Blogger lead to mass spread of blogs and it started the Blogging Revoultion. To make things simpler Blogger made Blogging easier for the average Jack and Jill.

  • Google Analytics
  • If you are a stats Junkie this one is one for you. Based on Urchin Stats Google Analytics gives you the best stats about your site and Ad performance. It gives a detailed insight into what is going on with your site, how it is being read by your audience.

  • Calendar
  • I am personal fan of Google Calendar. A pretty advanced time management app from Google. I think Google Calender will be the app of the future when its use will be more widespread. Try it out if you want your life to be more organised.

  • Docs and Spreadsheets
  • A recent one from the Google Docs is starting a new revolution as we speak now. Born by the acqusition of Writely Google Docs has started a new revolution in online content creation and publishing.

  • Google Earth
  • Once again this product from Google goes beyond mainstream Internet use. By allowing the users to explore the world on their PC google has sprung a whole new generation of Apps that allows people to find places more easily than ever before.

  • Google Desktop
  • This one App for your PC that lets you access all the Google Apps right from your desktop. Though I am not a personal fan of it, many people I know actually use it. Worth a try I guess.

Well these are a list of my favourites Apps made by Google. Down here is a small poll so please vote for your favourite Google App.