10 of the Most Prominent Website Mistakes

Here is a list of the website mistakes that scares visitors away and ruins the business reputation.

  • 1. The under construction sign. Putting an “under construction” sign on your website marks you as a struggling beginner. Websites are supposed to grow in time. If your site is not yet ready to be shown in public, then don’t publish it.
  • 2. Visitor counters. Visitors generally are not bothered by the fact that many other people have visited your site. However, if the visitor counter shows a low number, that can be a psychological turn-off to people, if it’s too high, people might think that it’s fictitious. The best way to do is not to include in your website. If you really want to know how many visitors you have had, check your statistics.
  • 3. Lack of copyright statements. Everything you write and create on the including your website is copyright-able. Make certain that you include copyright statements on every page, and appropriately update the copyright year.
  • 4. Overuse of technology. There are some really great and cool new technologies available today but they can tend to distract the visitors. In times that you have to choose between new technology and simplicity. Choose the latter for it is anchored on the website’s functionality.
  • 5. Passive verbs. Use active verbs and active sentences when writing your site’s copy. Active verbs are powerful and lend energy to your site. The more conversational the website is the better.
  • 6. Long sentences. Long sentences are tedious to read. Better keep it short and simple so that it can easily be retained.
  • 7. Lengthy pages. Keep your pages brief and concise. People are easily bored of reading, so you have to adjust to their attention span. If you have a lot to say, you can create a series of pages with good navigation to explain your topics.
  • 8. Not identifying the benefits of your products or services. There are two reasons why people make purchases. First is to get rid of pain and second is to get pleasure. They want to discern how your products and services will help them with their definite pain/pleasure situation.
  • 9. Neglecting to ask the visitor to do something. In marketing, this is known as a Call To Action. There should be a space designated to tell your visitors what you want them to do next. Sign up for my newsletter. Order now.
  • 10. Accepting as true the maxim build it and they will come. Once you’ve built your website you have to let people know about it. If you don’t deliver them to people, then your website is not worth the money you spent to create them!