10 Whimsical Tricks of Google Search

10 Whimsical Tricks of Google Search


This is one astonishing feature that will certainly make you say “wow”. Enter in the search bar the word “Google Gravity”. Press “I’m feeling lucky” or if you got and enabled Google Instant, you can find it on the right portion of the recommended searches. Then see your world tumble down. (When I tried this for the first time, I was literally shocked watching those elements falling over.)

Public Data

Trying to find some statistical records, community info or demographic data? Google has a complete directory of public information which is all accessible to search for trends. Just type the keywords such as “unemployment” or “population”, followed by a country, city or state and see the facts that you need.


It’s another surprise for devoted Google searchers. If you haven’t tried this, then prepare to resist tilting your head. Just simply type the word “askew” but we challenge you to stay in focus.


Large numbers? Complicated equations? You don’t really need to hit on the calculator on your PC. If you want instant and quick answer to a math problem, just enter the calculation into the search bar. You can get the answer of anything, and I mean anything.

Unit Conversions

Wondering how many millimeters are there in a ruler or a pen? The built-in converter of Google provides you with ease for converting different units of weight, length, height, volume, distance and more!


Google has this playful trick for philosophy majors and word nerds. Here’s one weird example. Try searching the word “recursion” and Google inquires “did you mean recursion”?

Sports Tracking

Love sports? If you are on the move and you want instant updates of your favorite baseball or basketball team, just type the name of your sports league or team into the search box and you’re solved.


Looking for quick information about any type of medicine or drug? Enter the generic or brand names of US prescription drugs into the search bar and you’ll get descriptions and brief summaries.

Package Tracking

Want to track the status of your UPS, FedEx, and USPS package? Type the number of that package into the search engine and Google will give you instant updates regarding the condition of your property.

Flight Simulator

This trick started as a hidden trick, and became well-liked by curious searchers. That is why Google included it as one features of Google Earth. Just click on the Tools option then select Flight Simulator, and you will enjoy the air travel around the world.