3 Social Media Apps Marketers Should Use

Sprout Social

All hands are down to recognize this application being one of the best platforms that any team of marketers can use. It actually belongs to the top 40 social monitoring tools available free. Designed with fascinating functionality, this app can be used as an ordinary SocialCRM application and can also take you to a greater mileage as it offers the ability to track the efforts of your entire team online. If you are handling a team accountable for Twitter engagement, this application helps in measuring the involvement and impact easily.

Sprout Social enables businesses to effectively and efficiently supervise and develop their social existence across channels and convert social interactions into devoted customers. The web program integrates with Facebook Pages, Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare and other social networks where there’s a dynamic engagement between brands and consumers. Additionally, Sprout Social is not only a communication tool but also offers competitive insight, analytics, lead generation and more services found all in one box of intuitive and user-friendly performance.


The world’s pioneer in intelligent social media dashboard is provided by Crowdbooster to aid businesses for their effective growth and online presence management. It helps you and your team attains a successful recognition on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This online app demonstrates the analytics that are not based on abstract scores but figures that are related to your business and your strategies for social media. That also includes total reach, ideas and impressions, engagement, and other factors. Once the application determines your needs, they will provide you the right tools and suggestions for you to implement and improve each element of the metrics.

On the context of building engaging experiences, Crowdbooster believes that your social media should connect to relevant users. In fact, there are no short-cuts or completely-automatic remedies to gain connection with a real audience. Thus, they made it a goal to do it for you—establishing a relationship with your fans and giving you smart and activating information for your social community presence.


Social Bro is more than just a Twitter client presently on the market but is actually gives a comprehensive view of your whole Twitter community. It’s a free service that offers a bunch of bells and whistles, depth of features that it does. This application is a central tool for analyzing followers, friends and Twitter activity. After the software app synchronizes a single or multiple accounts in Twitter, it can figure out the users in your society who might be prominent, inactive, little too disruptive, famous or prospective spammers. Compared to TweetDeck or HootSuite, Social Bro is less regarded being a dashboard and more focused on monitoring current followers and getting new ones. It is a communication tool for power players and for those who are most dedicated of having account managers.