3 Techniques to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

With the changing time, social media is being embraced by its traditional counterpart to develop new story ideas, increase the number of visitors to a site and engage in a conversation with the readers even more. For the last few years, more and more advertising dollars are being poured in social media and therefore, the traditional outlets are developing a new business model to tackle it. They are coming up with online outlets of their own to gauge the attention of audiences. But, to make the most in the online sector, it is important to follow some of the basic rules:

Sharing your content

Indeed the first step towards going online. The internet world is all about catching audiences who will love your content. It may be videos, articles or images, but if others find it impressive, more are the chances of them becoming interested in your site as well.

Facebook and twitter   – you must be familiar with these names. Now, start using them for your own benefit. There are many online tools to automate your accounts on these social networking sites. Share your articles or latest posts via these. Any videos, audios or images that you believe is an attention catcher, go and share them.

For videos, YouTube is a must use. Upload the best videos that you have and you won’t believe what wonders it can do for your site. You can try Hulu, Dailymotion etc as well, though not popular as YouTube, these can also bring boasts of traffic for your site.

For image sharing, there are plenty of options but Flickr is better from the rest. But, be sure you don’t end up violating their terms of services; they are quite touchy about brand promotion.

Now, the most important thing, don’t bore your audience. In this age of Micro blogging, they are not interested in reading storybooks, so keep your updates short and crisp. Also, keep updating frequently, but don’t cross the limit. Your audience must not feel like you are spamming them. The sites mentioned above won’t tolerate spamming either and it may lead to your account termination, something not good for your brand for sure.

Value Addition

Add value to your content. It may not be possible for you to catch all the breaking news or path breaking developments. But, it’s important to reach your audience with that information. So, will you wait until your site gets updated with them? No, that will harm your credibility big time. It’s better to share links of other sites covering these stories. This is not giving an edge to your competitors, rather in the long term; you will be returned the favor.

Tracking Your Campaign

Like any other strategy, tracking is important here too. For an example, analyze which part of the day is the time when you get most of the traffic from the social media. If you wonder how to know it, simple try Google Analytics. Now, try making updates mostly around that timeframe. Not entirely, but most. This is important to understand, as if you start making updates only on that timeframe, you are possibly losing some visitors from other parts of the world with different time zone. So, balance it well.

There can always be additions to these tips but these are the basics of the lot. Stick to these thoroughly and your social media marketing campaign should be a hit within a few weeks.