4 best alternatives to Facebook and Flickr to share your photos

Over 130 years subsequent to George Eastman had invented the roll film, photography has been amongst the most permanent ways where individuals from around the world confine and divide their experiences. That’s the reason why it’s really not surprising that the top social networking sites are where photos are shared most.

Today, photo sharing group of apps and sites are mainly dominated by two huge players, Facebook as well as Flickr. Both the services are enormous when it comes to sharing of video and photographs with friends, family members, random Internet visitor and online acquaintances. Though, the tools and photo sharing sites goes far ahead of just the services.

Here are the 4 best alternatives to Facebook and Flickr to share your photos.

SmugMug – arranging photographs is easier

SmugMug is the site having main focus of making it easier to showcase and arrange your photographs. SmugMug is actually focused to make sure that your photos are protected, secure and effortless to access. No bandwidth caps or no limits for photos you may host. You may select to protect all your photos, add conventional watermarks and distribute photos on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

SmugMug Basic version is available at $5 every month or $40 every year. You can get SmugMug Power at $60 every year or for $8 every month. You may upgrade to more options with the capability to embed and upload 1080p video. SmugMug Pro is available at $20 every month or $150 every year. It also includes lots of e-commerce options for professional photographers.

SmugMug is having apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android. It also has plug-ins to Aperture, Adobe Lightroom 3, and iPhoto. It means you may simply and faultlessly upload photos straight from camera or from photo app of your choice.

Picplz – easy to socialize

Picplz is the photo sharing app which makes it easy for sharing photos to Twitter and Facebook, as also checking to Foursquare.

You may browse, comment or upload photos through the website though mobile is the main focus of picplz. The app and website also allow you to apply filters for your photos.

Picplz is available for free in App Store or in Android Market. You may also sign up absolutely free for it at picplz.com.

Instagram – an iPhone app

Instagram is the iPhone app which allows you taking photos and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare. You may also implement different filters or transformations for your photos.

Instagram is the most alike to picplz, although it has just all about Hipstamatic as well. It’s very easy to share, browse and comment and it’s absolutely free.

Instagram had in excess of 100,000 downloads within the first week of its release.

Path – share with your group

Path is the iPhone app and website which lets you share all your photos with your group of people.

Path allows you to have 50 network connections, according to the theory that humans can only maintain 150 social relationships. Through limiting users with smaller network, Path anticipates that capturing and sharing experience may be more special and personal. Path is absolutely free to use.