4 Reasons why a Blog is important for your business

With the advent of internet based business, the importance of a blog for your business is a contemporary idea. It describes your business, declares latest updates and therefore, tries to stay connected with the customers. Furthermore, there are endless advantages of having your name in the internet. Here are the top four reasons which will prove the worthiness of having a Net Blog:

Easy subscription facilities

The Internet brigade does not know about your business unless it is listed in top search engines like Google and Yahoo. Getting a webpage on top of the search engines results isn’t as easy as you might think. For this, you would have to hire an experienced Search Engine Optimization company and that will cost you huge bucks. But if you go with a blog, let’s say from Blogger (Google’s blogging platform) or From WordPress (Be it the free platform or paid hosting one), you will be given the benefits of SEO for free. After you add a subscribing form to the blog, you can keep in touch will all the users who want your service. This will help you to be in touch with your existing customers as well as making new ones.

Making a loyal customer base

Posting new things periodically is vital for any blog. When you update your blog, the new post will be mailed off to all your subscribers. When your subscribers get a mail from you, they will feel satisfied and appreciated. Making your subscribers feel that way is vital in any business. Now, your subscribers will feel a need to come back to get your service. By this way, you are building up a loyal user base. When you have thousands of users in your subscriber list, a single post in your blog can generate a massive response.

Announcing the news

The most basic usage of a blog is getting the news out! Let us say that you own a café. To increase the popularity of your café, you can mail discount coupons to your subscriber list. This will create a huge frenzy and other people will become your subscribers instantaneously. If you are hosting a sports night, you can post that in your blog. When people other than your regular customers see it, they will automatically want to watch the game with fellow supporters. So they will try to come to your café even if they are not near it. PayPal, as well is a fine example of how a business stays connected with the customer base via the regularly updated blog.

Help the customers to interact

By having a blog, you can always reason with your customers. Few weeks back, PayPal canceled their e-transfer option to Indian users. This created a humongous agitation amongst its Indian users. But they tried to reason every bit of their decision in their blog. Articles from their CEO and other departmental heads were published and that seemed to calm down the Indian users. They felt satisfied with the explanation that the officials gave and waited for the service to resume again. Similarly, having a blog can make users engage with you. It will help them to share their likes and dislikes about your service with you.

These are only the four best pointed out reasons to state the use of having a blog. There are many more to this list and you will begin to understand all of them as soon as you open a blog for yourself. So why are you still waiting?