4 Ways To Advertise on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world and many companies are trying to figure out how to get their ads on this platform. In the last few years, the YouTube team has started to focus on implementing new ways of adding advertisements and now anyone can take advantage of these strategies.

Postroll and Preroll Ads

This type of advertising is the latest installment from YouTube and, like any other type of ad that appears on this website, it is only available on videos posted by YouTube partners. You have to create a 15 or 20 second video for your company and once it goes live, it will appear before or after certain videos. You can choose your demographics by country, so if you want to advertise in the US alone, this is definitely a possibility. Users won’t be allowed to skip the advertisement unless you want to give them this option, so most people will get to see your message without interruptions. This is the newest option available for YouTube advertising and it is also the most expensive one.

Regular Google Ads

There are two types of regular Google ads that are currently displayed on YouTube videos. You can include a small banner or text ad underneath a video or you can purchase a larger banner next to the videos of YouTube partners. Both of these strategies are effective and your ads will usually appear next to videos that are somewhat related to the title or the content of your ad.

Go Straight To the Source

Because YouTube is a free platform, you can forget about the intermediary and contact a few popular YouTube users directly. Even if they are not part of the partner project, they are allowed to display ads during their videos and some of them receive thousands of views per day. You have to find a channel that has enough subscribers and negotiate until you find a reasonable solution. Most of the times, people will be willing to include a small segment about your company at the beginning or ending of their videos.

Do it Yourself

The last method of advertising on YouTube is also the most complicated one. Instead of giving money to the Google ads program or to a YouTube user directly, you can create a channel for your business and help it grow. This will take a lot of time and effort, but there are quite a few large companies which have thousands of subscribers. They have the possibility of advertising their products directly at no cost, but it will take you a while until you gain a fan base.


These are the basic strategies that can be used if you want the name of your company or website to appear on YouTube. It all depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend and the type of advertising campaign you plan on creating. If you know what you’re doing, you will surely obtain great results.