5 Best jQuery Media Plug-ins

JQuery is a java script library that greatly simplifies JavaScript programming. It is almost effortless to learn, easy to master, can be implemented quickly and saves a lot of time and, ultimately, money. It also greatly enhances user experience.

JQuery Media plug-ins can provide rich entertainment to surfers on your website. JQuery Media plug-ins can normally embed almost all kinds of media software like the Windows Media Player, Real Player, PDF document reader and many others. Here is a list of the top 5 jQuery Media Plug-ins available off the internet:

JPlayer – audio player plug-in

JPlayer is an audio player plug-in that uses HTML and CSS. The plug-in allows you to customize and create an audio player that plays minutely to your tastes. With the jPlayer, you can control and play all types of audio files on your website. If you frequently work on jQuery projects, then the jPlayer can add a lot of value to them by allowing you to play special sound effects. Streaming on the jPlayer is also fast, and users with lesser bandwidth will benefit. The jPlayer also supports alternate ogg format support.

Yensdesign music player

The yensdesign music player is one of the best media player plug-ins you can find on the internet. It features an unbelievably stylish and intuitive interface; which is astonishingly easy to design, given the apparent complexity! It uses and supports the jQuery and XHTML libraries. The official yensdesign website has a tutorial on the implementation.

JQuery Media Plug-in

The jQuery Media Plug-in supports a vast variety of media content. It allows you to embed all your favorite media players and software on your website. It can embed Flash, Real Player, MP3, PDF, Silverlight among others. The interface may not look very trendy, but it gets the job done. If you are looking for a highly productive plug-in (without unnecessary bells and whistles) then go for the jQuery Media Plug-in.

BS Sound jQuery Plug-in

The BS Sound jQuery plug-in is a highly rated plug-in that has satisfied numerous programmers. It is small, smart and simple. As the name suggests, you can play sounds (mp3) on your webpage. The best part is that you don’t need to have a player to play these sounds! Just hit the custom button that comes with the plug-in and you’re good to go! For the implementation, you just need to target a link to a media mp3 file and you’re done.

JMP3 – direct MP3 sound played

JMP3 is a jQuery plug-in that is very similar to the BS Sound jQuery plug-in. Like the BS Sound, the jMP3 allows you to play MP3 sounds directly on a website which is JavaScript and Flash enabled. It uses a player called the Flash Single MP3 player and a smart jQuery. The interface is sleek and attractive, and highly customizable. The star feature of the jMP3 player is that it lets you add the push a button and play something live. The best part is that the programming involved is as little as a single line of code!