5 best jQuery plug-ins to show YouTube playlist

Recently, it has become almost a rage to use JavaScript for websites, as the entire look and feel can be changed thus. There are plenty of options available to implement JavaScript but as it seems jQuery has caught the fancy most among all the options.

The concept of jQuery

jQuery may be defined as a quality internet based application that stresses the interplay amid JavaScript and HTML. It was launched way back in 2006 in New York for the first time. It exists with MIT Licence as well as GNU General Public Licence. It is open source free software for use. It grasps events, accomplish animations, and build up Ajax pages. jQuery is in use by Google, Twitter, CBS News, Dell Inc to name a few.

YouTube – a small brief

YouTube is an online site catering to videos which can be seen and shared with others as well. The use of playlist is facilitated through jQuery. Your website will be video compatible once you take help of jQuery plug-ins available. The YouTube videos and playlists will be easily displayed minus the reloading of the page. The playlist will be for you to manipulate. The software is not difficult to use and there is enough flexibility.


YouTube lately started a continuous slider bar at the end of the page that displays the active collection of clips in the playlist. jQuery-pagebar is a kind of slider where you can navigate the previous and the next menu to your convenience. It quickly takes you to the desired page. jQuery YouTube playlist plugin-youtubeplaylist aims to convert YouTube links onto playlist. The videos are managed with ease through the process of putting the links to the videos.

Fancy Box for WordPress

WordPress has numerous jQuery based plug-ins. Basically these are meant to increase the working of a blog being effective, easy and astonishing in results. JQuery merges perfectly Fancy Box onto the Blog. The steps required is simply upload the product, activate it and it is ready for use. Configuration is not a problem at all as it is not required.

JYouTube -Video thumbnail screenshot getter

It gets exceptionally finer as it picks the YouTube video from the URL in the first instance and makes its size bigger or smaller according to the command given in the second step of processing. It is the software which then gives back that videos URL as a screenshot.

JQuery YouTube Media Player Plug-in

It evolves an interactive mode of YouTube media player permitting the internet surfer to handle many videos from the existing playlist. The surfer or a hobbyist actually catches through jQuery YouTube JavaScript API to make his collection of videos through direct transfer from the site.

JQuery Tube Player Plug-in

Blends and achieves total access of the Embedded YouTube Player to which ever site you command. In short it is plug-in jQuery coverage for those patronizing YouTube Player API.

Locating the right kind of plug-ins requires some background knowledge of the software available in the market. A cursory search with the right keyword will enlighten you and make you a wiser person. There are more than 7000 plug-ins available on net as on today.