5 Best Tools to Track Twitter Unfollowers

The average Twitter user can be rather fickle, and so don’t worry too much if you are being followed and unfollowed. If you are getting unfollowed more than followed, then maybe you would like to find out the reason why. Or maybe you just want to see when you were unfollowed or who unfollowed you. In any case, here are the 5 best tools to track twitter unfollowers:

Qwitter – Simple & Straightforward

Qwitter is widely regarded as amongst the top five best tools to track twitter unfollowers. It is a simple, straightforward service that just sends you a message to your email inbox when someone stops following you on Twitter. The message shows the tweet that you published just before you were unfollowed. This may be useful in figuring out why you were unfollowed. Using the service is simple; just sign up at the Qwitter website by inputting your Twitter username and your email id.

Goodbye, Buddy – Operates within twitter

This is a great service that operates within Twitter itself. First you have to follow Buddy on Twitter. Then you enter you Twitter username, following which you will be directed to your statistics page. The statistics page is really handy; but that’s not what we are really looking for. The Goodbye, Buddy! Service sends you a Direct Message (DM) whenever you are unfollowed by someone on Twitter. These DMs are little jokes that help you get over the little rejection you may undergo when someone unfollows you. You can also subscribe to additional services by paying for them.

TweetEffect – good tool to use

While TweetEffect doesn’t tell you who unfollowed you, it is still a good little tool. You don’t have the hassle of signing up, all you have to do is enter you Twitter id and you are good to go. The TweetEffect service lists a page of statistics and the number of followers you had and lost after a certain tweet. It allows you to analyze the reason why you are loosing followers, and also why you are gaining followers. According to some research, followers are lost when they are subjected to conversation and memories that they were never a part of. Find out for yourself by using TweetEffect.

Friend or Follow – Great for managing bunch of friends

This is a very useful service if you have a bunch of friends that you are following, but they are not doing the same for you. Friend or Follow allows you to keep track of all of whom you are following but who don’t reciprocate (following), all of those you aren’t following but who are following you (known as fans) and those that you follow and follow you back (friends). If you are confused and need to keep track of a mind numbing number of contacts, then Friend and Follow is the service for you.

TwUnfollow -an advanced service

TwUnfollow is an advanced service that allows you to choose your preferences and acts accordingly. You can receive instant alerts when you are unfollowed, you have access to a RSS feed and also a summary service. As soon as you are unfollowed, you can check who unfollowed you and you have an option of unfollowing them as well. The history of your followings and unfollowings is also displayed.