5 Easy Apple iPhone Battery Saving Tips

Apple iPhone users often have a concern to make their battery last for a long time. If you are one of those people who have same thoughts, here are a few super easy iPhone 7 battery saving tips.
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1. Turnoff Location Services

GPS and several other apps use location services to know where you are. This function in Apple iPhone 7 makes the battery drain so fast without anyone spotting it. Make to turn off the location services when you don’t need it and use it only with GPS or any other app that needs to track your location. Keeping your location private is always recommended for security concern.

2. Turn off WLAN and Bluetooth When Unnecessary

Many people are unaware of the fact that WLAN and Bluetooth highly contribute to the draining battery. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to keep these features turned off all the time. However, you can at least turn it off when you have no need to use these features.

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3. Reduce Display Brightness

Some people don’t like to keep their shiny new iPhone 7 at low brightness but keeping it at low brightness will play a significant part at saving lots of your battery life. Display screen consumes energy more than any other part or feature in a phone.

4. Disable Background App Updates

Most iPhone consumers have set their phone to auto update apps whenever an update is available. Many of the apps do not require an immediate update. Therefore, it is convenient to wait for the right time to update any of your apps, download or install so you can save a lot of battery life.

5. Switch to Flight Mode When Sleeping

When you sleep, you are probably not going to use your phone. Therefore, switching to flight mode when sleeping disables most of the services by default in your iPhone 7 and saves your battery from being consumed enormously without any usage.

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Use these easy and simple Apple iPhone 7 battery saving tips to give your phone a longer battery life that you need.