5 Free Ways to Never Miss a Twitter @ Reply

Keeping track of all your tweets and replies to them can be a headache. Fortunately, there are several applications out there that help you keep track of all replies that you have received. While you have to pay for some applications, others are free. Here is a list of 5 completely free ways to never miss a @reply on Twitter.

TweetDeck – It’s free

TweetDeck is a great application that is completely free. It can not only be used for Twitter, but for almost all them most popular social media websites like Facebook, MySpace, Foursquare, LinkedIn and others.. Once you download the application, it does everything for you. You don’t have to keep on logging in at the Twitter website, or even open a browser window. Everything can be done on the application platform itself. TweetDeck keeps track of all the status updates of your friends. Your tweets as well as @replies can be managed remotely from the application itself. The number of things that this social media manager can do is astounding, and you should get it if you are always flooded with tweets and need some help.

UgoTwitt – French service

UgoTwitt is a French service that keeps track of @replies to your tweets. It sends you an email whenever you get one. All you need to do is sign up at the website and input your Twitter name and password. You have a choice of email notification preference, and you can customize accordingly. The notification service is fast and the content in the message easy to read. The email message bears a subject in French, and the tweet with the tweeter’s picture is displayed inside. You can reply to the tweet with this service too. UgoTwitt is a simple and convenient @reply option.

TweetAlarm – Notification service

TweetAlarm is a notification service that incorporates OAuth and uses keyword criteria for sending alerts. After you fill in the details at the website, just tell the service the keywords that you need it to monitor. You can choose when to receive the notification of a tweet as it is customizable. This is likely very useful; you don’t want scattered notification emails scattered in your inbox. The emails, when they come in, contain all the details of the tweet and a picture of the tweeter. A unique feature of this service is that you can select whose tweet you want to receive and whose tweet you don’t.

Twistra – It’s simple

Twistra is a simple, non complicated approach to a notification service. When you register at their website, emails start coming in to your inbox. The subject line bears the name of the tweeter who has tweeted you, and the body of the email contains the tweet. You can also reply to Tweets using Twistra. Twistra is amongst the fastest services on offer currently.

Pu.ly – 3 in 1

Puly offers 3 useful services. It tells you when you get a @reply, when you get a direct message and when you are added to a list. You can subscribe to any or all three of your choice. Just go to their website and register and follow the procedure. Soon, the notifications start coming in to your inbox. You can read the tweet, and you can reply to it as well. So, basically, Pu.ly is a useful there and back again service.