5 Great Tools to Make Your Twitter Follower Visualization Perfect

Visualizing tools for Twitter let you see the number of your followers, which can at times be staggering, in interesting and fun ways. Here are 5 great tools to make your follower twitter visualization a perfect and exciting experience.

IsParade – a nice little application

This nice little application hails from Japan, which is so very famous for its animes. Indeed, this application uses animation to take out a parade of your followers doing the funniest of things. The followers march, leap and even dance to a really good music score. Sometimes they even tweet when they are doing all this. The thought to detail in the app is simply astounding. This is an experience that you don’t want to miss.

Twitnest – view the twitter universe

Twitnest is a powerful application that not only allows you to view your followers, but also the rest of the Twitter universe. All you need to do is type your username and then choose what you wish to see; a list of your followers, anyone who is following you, anyone tweeting from a certain location and almost anything else. You can search for like minded people or groups with this application as well. The Twitnest displays all the information you selected in a graph made out of profile pictures of people piled together. The end result is brilliant; and the possibilities of all that you could do with this application are endless.

5k Twitter Browser – difficulty reduced

Keeping track of who knows who is almost impossible on Twitter and actually visualizing these connections between people on Twitter is even more difficult. And 5k Twitter Browser delivers something almost undoable by creating a great visualization of followers and the interconnections between them. A follower will show up as profile picture with the name and latest tweet alongside and his/her followers will be grouped in a circle. Light black lines will show the interconnections. Click on any profile pick of your follower’s followers will show more interconnections. You can keep doing this to your hearts content. After all, everyone in the world using Twitter is indirectly connected to everyone else!

TweepsKey – interesting to use

If you are a math’s whiz, then this is a dream application. If not, you will still find it interesting. The TweepsKey generates dozens of colorful circles called tweeps. The size and color of the tweeps change according to the number of followers your followers have, their tweets, the number of followers and other similar factors. The tweeps also sometimes carry pictures. It’s a three dimensional vista that you have to see for yourself to understand and love.

The Friends Mug by Crowded Ink – fully customizable

The Friends Social Mug is a real mug that you can buy at Crowded Ink. The guys at Crowded Ink plaster the profile pictures of all your followers on the curve of the mug, so you can think about Twitter and your friends when you drink coffee at work. The design is customizable; you can create your own username as well as do the same for your followers. The result is a colorful and cheery cup that showcases your Twitter universe. At 15$, it’s a nice gift for your friends as well.