5 New Jquery Plug-Ins You Might Have Missed

With the increasing popularity and number of Jquery plugins,  it seems almost impossible to keep track which ones are the latest. However, some of these really useful plugins can help you in pepping up your website if you leverage them properly, and so here is a sneak-peak on 5 such newly arrived plugins, which look promising design and aesthetic wise. Another major benefit of using these plugins is that it allows you to make “funky” changes to your websites, without you needing to code much, thus making them easy to use and still extremely powerful tools.

Animate Share Button:

The all new share button is simple and useful. It is a great marketing tool when put on your websites for better interaction with other online media. It runs pretty well on all browsers especially Chrome and Safari where the transitions are almost smooth. The CSS lets you give a reflection to each picture.

Animate Share Button

Reel Effect:

Fantastic alternative to flash or Java techniques. Reel effect gives the user a 360 degree view of anything. Done by putting together a series of pictures, this Jquery technique is worth giving a try.

Reel Effect Demo

Bubble Up Button:

For a developer who is just beginning to make plug-ins this is the easiest to start with. The animation is simple – when you roll over the mouse to a particular icon it enlarges itself and then resets to its original size once the mouse is taken away. Named bubbleup by its makers, it can be called anything. It appears glossy like you see in this image. If the simplicity appeals to you then the jquery plug-in will win your heart too.

Bubble Up Button

Nivo Image Slider

This slider is pure awesomeness. It is available in 3 stylish themes and 16 transitions. The seamless transitions take your breath away. Loaded with features it is an open source thingi which can make the website look good by making as little impact as possible. You can choose to simply upload the code or add your own CSS to make it more stylized.

JQuery Image Slider

Shifting Image Demo:

This one is a delight to watch. Although it is not as smooth as Nivo, it still gives a pretty cool effect by dividing images into small squares and re-arrange them into a complete photo. Check it out now to experience the real thing.

Shifting Image Demo

There are so many plugins being developed on a day to day basis that we are sure to come up with another post with few more such popular ones soon.

Until then, try your hand at these 5 plugins and improve the look and feel of your website.