5 Professional jQuery Menus

Professional jQuery menus can breathe life into an otherwise dull and complex website. These menus are easy to use. They add that much needed aura of professionalism that decides whether or not a user will stay on your website for a significant period of time. Professional jQuery menus are easy to design, and can be customized easily as well. They will match the color scheme on your website and enhance the overall quality of the design of the webpage.

Here is a list of 5 Professional jQuery Menus that you must consider using on your website:

Fancy Sliding Tab Menu (Version 2)

This is a brilliant bit of coding. The Fancy Sliding Tab Menu is easy to implement. You don’t need to be a programming genius to customize it either. The Fancy Sliding Tab Menu consists of a series of panels that occupy a taskbar on the bottom of the page. When you hover the mouse over a panel, it rises up and you can see the contents of the panel. As there are a series of panels, you can fit in a load of content and links. The risen panel falls back into place after a certain amount of time has passed. Overall, it is a pretty friendly user interface.

Animated Drop down Menu with jQuery

The Animated Drop down Menu has been designed by clarklab. It is a sophisticated, professional menu that can be designed quickly, as long as you have a little knowledge about CSS and, of course, jQuery. You will be able to fit even a very large menu, something that would usually take up a lot of space, into a very small area. It is really convenient for users. It also helps them keep track of everything. The user interface is fun and friendly, and the animated effect just adds to the overall appeal (which is surprisingly professional!). The tutorial will guide you through the coding.

Menumatic Plug in

The Menumatic plug-in has been designed by Jason Jaeger. It features a slick and graceful menu. It is search engine friendly, and handles existing links. The menu falls down once you hover your mouse over it, and the time it takes for it to disappear can be customized. It is pretty stylish, and highly customizable. You can add quite a few effects to the menu. The best part about the Menumatic plug-in is that it lets you navigate between the menu drop downs by pressing the Tab key!

Smooth Navigational Menu (Version 1.5)

This is a super smooth navigational menu by designer Dynamic Drive. The menu is CSS list based and uses jQuery for smooth navigation. The menu supports navigation on both horizontal as well as vertical menu bars. A sub-menu pane pops up after you bring your mouse over a section of the menu, and a transition + fade effect is applied during this time. The end result is pretty polished and highly professional. The sub-menu fade time can be specified.

JQuery Drop Line Tabs

Another one designed by Dynamic Drive, the jQuery Drop Line Tabs menu uses a UL (unordered list) into drop style tab menus that pop out horizontally. The tabs on the menu can be customized to the color of your choice. They feature rounded corners. It’s a smooth and easy to use professional jQuery menu.