5 Stunning jQuery Page Layouts

JQuery has completely changed the face of programming- it allows you to do a lot more with very little code. One of the features that have received a boost because of jQuery is the page layout. With jQuery, you can successfully create stunning web page layouts in no time at all. The coding involved is simple; it is very easy to accomplish, even for beginners.

Here are 5 Stunning jQuery Page Layout plug-ins that you must try on your website:

JQSlickWrap – best for irregularly shaped images

JQSlickWrap is a perfect plug-in for websites cluttered with irregularly shaped images. The jQSlick Wrap plug-in allows you to conveniently wrap text around an irregularly shaped image (like a water drop). Usually, you have to work around the image box, but with the jQSlick Wrap you end up saving a lot of space rather stylishly. JQSlick Wrap is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. It features a CSS based “padding” system and a customizable “sandbag resolution”. Progressive enhancement has been taken into account for the coding.

Newspaper Column Layout jQuery Plug-in

The Newspaper Column Layout jQuery Plug-in is made for web pages that feature a lot of textual content. It displays images well too, but it is mainly designed to conveniently showcase text. The plug-in sorts the text into columns, and lets you add images intermittently. Once you’re done reading a page, you click on the final column, and a new page with more text slides into place. The final result is smooth and easy on the eye. The plug-in is known to have a few issues, but nothing that some customization won’t fix.

MB. Container (V. 2.5.1)

This is one of the most attractive jQuery page layout plug-ins out there for sure. The MB. Container plug-in lets you arrange your content very artistically in containers of various sizes. You can set the containers anywhere on your page, and add different kinds of content (even Ajax) to them. The containers are completely customizable; you can drag them, resize them and set them as collapsible or minimize them. It is a tad heavy on the computer, but the overall effect is more than worth it. It makes your webpage look very classy and professional.

JQuery Masonry

The jQuery Masonry plug-in saves a lot of space by intelligently arranging content according to a grid. The CSS floating technique arranges content horizontally. If the size of the content is not uniform, the end result can be disastrous. This is where jQuery Masonry steps in. It fits together content of varying sizes, much like fitting a puzzle using irregular jigsaw pieces, or like a mason fitting stones into a wall! The jQuery Masonry plug-in can be used practically for anything, but is especially effective if you need to jam together a lot of content without spoiling the neatness of the layout.

Columnizer – easy to use

The Columnizer plug-in is easy to use. It lets you set your content into newspaper style columns. The column width, or the number of columns, is customizable and it is highly recommended if you’re looking for a clean and simple page layout that is attractive at the same time.