5 Terrific Tools for Mapping Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is a service that is now hugely popular worldwide. As a result, Twitter users are present in almost all countries and parts of the world. It is not uncommon to have dozens of international followers on a Twitter account.

Now all this is interesting enough for a Twitter user, because someone is always coming up with applications and services that allow users to enhance their Twitter experience. One of the latest trends to have emerged on Twitter, and indeed all other social media websites, is mapping. Mapping tools, as the name suggests, allow you to pinpoint the location of your followers on a map, which is really something!

Here are 5 terrific tools for mapping your twitter profile:

Tweography – an interesting service

You need to have a geo-location enabled Twitter account to use Tweography. This is a really interesting service; it lets you view your location when you publish a certain tweet. This means that you will get to see the place where you visited last summer, and you can see you friends’ locations as well when they tweeted something recently. If you are a regular traveler, then this is a must use application, if only for the sense of achievement that you will feel when you see the places you have been. Of course it may not be as interesting if you don’t travel much, but it’s still a worthwhile service.

Schmap – beyond the map

This is a service that lets you go “beyond the map”. What Schmap allows you to do is add a map to any of your tweets. But Schmap isn’t limited to this. It allows you to attach photos and notes to any of your tweets. It also allows you to rate a place that you have visited. Obviously, you can see why Schmap can be a useful service. You can recommend restaurants to friends, places of interest, pubs and bars. Your “geotweets” will be very useful to any followers who are going to places you have been. The same is true when you decide to visit a place that your friend has been to.

TrendsMap – maps the changes

Trends change constantly, and where Twitter is concerned, drastically. TrendsMap is a great service that lets you keep track of Twitter trends from around the world. You can get an overview of what people are discussing internationally. These Twitter trends are displayed on a world map through keywords, tags and through @’s. You can track any trend that you deem interesting. You can also search major cities for the latest happenings through TrendsMap.

Long.tud3 – fully customizable

This is a service similar to the Tweography. Any messages that you or your friends post can be seen on a google world map. Live updating is available, and so you can keep track of all the places that your friends are moving to. Custom markers can be chosen, so Long.tud3 is customizable. You can also choose an avatar. As of now, Long.tud3 is simple and easy to use, and is a no frills option for Twitter users.

Stweet – an innovative service

Stweet is an innovative service that uses Google street view to show you the neighborhood from where you received a tweet, or from where you tweeted. You can search for locations, as well as move around certain areas. This service is operational in only a select few places, but the vantage point experience is worth your while.