5 tips to be a solid Blogger

Blogging is all about speaking for yourself and it has definitely brought a revolutionary change in the way a lame person like you and me presents himself on the internet. Down here are some tips that I think will take you a long way in achieving blogging success..

  • Be Yourself
    Remember this every time you publish something on your blog. Do not copy content from somewhere and say it is your own. If you feel compelled to do so then at least mention the source with the link. This small step can help you establish a unique identity on the blogosphere. People will one day say that “No one puts stuff like he does, He’s got a distinct style you know”. So get started and show of something unique and different. People love to see different stuff all the time and that is where you could see your popularity curve increase sharply.
  • Link Effectively
    Well this is an important thing too. This is highly important considering the Search engines and Technorati (The King of Blog Tracking). Technorati judges your blog on the incoming links that your blog receives. The more the links you receive the higher is your ranking. But there remains an untold secret! What you need to do is make people link to you involuntarily and due to any sort of compulsion. Do not ask them for link exchange and don’t link to them just for the sake of getting inbound links. This nullifies your link exchange and it doesn’t make any sense..

    Now how do getting loads of incoming links is the big Question. But this is easier than you think. Within a month you can easily receive over 500 inbound links if you write some great stuff that makes people link to you and more importantly if you do something good for the community. Just imagine if you can create a nice blog theme or a useful plugin for the bloggers worldwide and put your link down in the footer, you can really do well. Say you get 1000 people to download your theme/plugin and if 80% of them do not remove the link in the footer, you could be really sitting pretty simply because they are one way links. One way links mean more to search engines that could possibly increase your search engine ranking..

  • Be Regular
    Now this needs a large dose of commitment from your side.. Here is general posting guideline that I know works for the majority of the bloggers out there. If you can stick yourself to these guidelines then you could be a really successful blogger..

    For the First 5 Days : 4 Posts a day
    The Next 15 Days : 3 Posts a day
    The Next 10 Days : 2 Posts a day
    The Next One Month : 1 Post a day

    On every weekend an additional post (Weekend Bonus!)

    And after about 2 Months of Blogging you’ve loads of content (about 130 posts). I Know that sounds outrageous but unless you are very talented you need to be sticking to this schedule. And after this you can do something like a post once in two days but unless you produce quality content chances are that you won’t succeed. Of the 130 Posts I would say at least 100 have to be of good quality for you to get noticed.

  • Be Commentful
    I think you should comment regularly on your own posts but only for a reply to somebody’s comment or just to add some content to your already existing content. Remember one thing that never add any additional content to the post by editing it. The Best thing to do would be to add it as a comment. Also comment regularly on other blogs of your niche, and by commenting regularly I don’t mean spamming other blogs.
  • The Design Matters
    Choose a clean design for your blog. It should have a well defined Navigation structure and should be attractive and the text should be readable at any screen resolution. Having a Design that display’s consistently in all the major browsers helps a lot too. Have a Valid XHTML design so that the search engines have no trouble indexing your site. Have your feed icon displayed at a prominent place so that it becomes easier for the people to subscribe to your blog.

With these 5 weapons in your hand you could easily be a rock solid blogger and build up a pretty good online reputation. All the very best for your Blogging efforts..