7 Best Google Chrome Twitter Extensions

Google Chrome is the fastest browser available today. It is also, according to many, the most user-friendly. But the competition from the others is stiff; and so Google has to keep on its toes to stay ahead of the pack. Keeping this is mind; Google has designed Google Chrome extensions, which are some very useful additions to the browser that help expand your internet experience. As most of the internet world loves social media, and especially Twitter, Google has come up with some great chrome extensions for Twitter.

Here are the 7 Best Google Chrome Twitter Extensions:

Chromed Bird – most popular of them all

Chromed Bird is easily amongst the most popular Google Chrome Twitter Extensions. A great feature of the Chromed Bird extension is the URL shortening zone. As soon as you type @ and beginning letter of the person that you want to address, a list will appear, and you will be able to select the one you want without wasting time typing.

Also, Chromed Bird enhances communication between you and your followers by letting you tweet messages, alerting you to new tweets and keeping you informed of read and unread tweets. Much of Chromed Bird is customizable, and while there may be a few problems, most of them get resolved with regular updates.

Twitter Extender – supports URL shortening

Twitter Extender, like the Chromed Bird, also supports URL shortening. Apart from this, it supports a lot of useful features like a reply to all option, retweet a message, read original tweets and replies to these tweets and a great direct messaging system.

Twitter Theme – handy little extension

If you like some variety, and don’t want to see the same Twitter user interface every time, then install this handy little extension. Twitter Theme lets you change the interface to any one of your liking whenever you want.

Twitter Bar – easy and quick

Twitter Bar was originally a Firefox add-on, but has now made its way to Google Chrome extensions. Twitter Bar is good because it is easy to use and very quick. It lets you post Tweets very easily. Because of the customize URL, page title and type of URL options, no time is wasted and you can tweet easily.

TwitterWatch – a small extension

Twitter Watch is small extension that sits on one side of your browser, and is displayed by the letter “t”. It lets you keep track of keywords that you are interested in, and displays updates whenever that keyword appears in tweets. Along with the updates, you also have to ability to retweet and reply to them.

What the trend?

If you want to know what the rest of the world is tweeting about, then install this great extension. One click opens up a window where trends are arranged according to popularity. You can search for any trend you want, and the edit option lets you change descriptions.

Twitter Share This Page

If you like a page you are browsing, and want to share it with your followers, install the Twitter Share This Page extension.  Hit the “t” icon, and the URL is copied into your What’s Happening box, and you are done.