7 Best JQuery Plugins for Sliding Images

JQuery is the new flash, but better. With some help taken from JQuery, you can give your website an artistic and elegant look that is sure to make it very attractive. Still pictures are outdated, they are too simple and don’t catch the eye. But good images with effects, like sliding images or animation, are what can catch and hook any visitor.

Here are the 7 best JQuery plugins that can really make for a stunning website:

JQuery Cycle

 JQuery Cycle is a small and lightweight plug-in that can effectively brighten up any website. It is a slideshow plug-in which supports many types of transition effects such as zoom, shuffle, fade and many more can be added to these as well. It also supports auto-stop, pause-on-hover, before/after callbacks, auto-fit, click triggers and many more. It also supports, but does not may necessarily need, the Easing Plug-in and the Metadata Plug-in.

Galleria image gallery

Galleria is amongst the most famous JavaScript image gallery JQuery plug-in, with a huge 5000 daily downloads. It showcases images from a list (an unordered one) and a thumbnail along with every image when it is loaded. It is easy to display images to visitors and navigating through the images is also easy. The simple design also makes it very attractive.

Pikachoose – a cute plug-in

Pikachoose is a cute JQuery plug-in, as well as having a cute name. It is lightweight, easy to install and use, and supports a lot of features like auto play, navigation buttons and slideshows.

Image Flow

If you are familiar with Apple’s cover flow technology, then you must know how attractive and cool it can be. Image Flow uses the cover flow effect to its full potential. Navigation is easy, with both keyboard and mouse supported.

Easy Slider

As the name suggests, easy slider is designed for easy sliding of images. It supports a whole host of features like continuous slide, auto slide, go to first and last buttons, optional wrapping markup option available for the control buttons, hiding controls, vertical and multiple sliders displayed on a single page.

Supersized – useful plug-in

The Supersized plug-in for JQuery can be very useful. It resizes images to fill the browser window completely while maintaining image dimension ratio, it cycles images and backgrounds by the slideshow option with transition effects and preloading included, and features navigation buttons that let you pause, play, forward and back. The effect is smooth, simple and eye catching. It should be very useful if you plan a 3D gallery, as the supersized images seem to pop out from the screen.

Simple jQuery Slideshow

If you are new to JQuery, JavaScript and CSS, then Simple JQuery Slideshow is the plug-in that you must use. It is a simple tutorial that teaches you how to build simple slideshow images by writing in JQuery, JavaScript and CSS. It follows the motto of “writing less and doing more”. The official website features a write up on how to build a slideshow in easy to understand language (as easy as possible, at least).