7 Great Social Media Tools for teachers

Long gone are the days when teachers used blackboards to teach children. Before a decade, overhead projectors were introduced and before five years, they were replaced by even advanced LCD projectors. As a teacher, you should keep yourself updated with the latest technologies and developments of the Internet.

With the proper use of Social Media, Teachers can ignite their students to be creative in their studies. Here are the 7 Social Media tools which will help the teachers to perform better:

EDU 2.0 – also is a social media network

Unlike other Education-only platforms, EDU 2.0 performs both as an Educational platform as well as a Social Media network. Teachers can share lectures, lessons, discuss with fellow teachers around the world to develop their knowledge on any subject.

It also gives forum like features where Teachers can interact with their Students. They also have grade books, blogs and other games which will help the children to learn better. They also have grouping facilities so that the students of a particular school or area can be in touch with each other.

Symbaloo EDU – has various applications

Symbaloo is a platform which teachers can use while teaching lessons in classes. It combines various applications like Google, SlideShare, YouTube and others which might be helpful when a teacher wants to illustrate something to the children.

Students too can log into the site and use it for their project works. They don’t have to do the complex searches any more as Symbaloo combines all the features for them.

Classroom Collaboration – discussion formatting possible

Discussions in the classroom can be intimidating. But when these discussions are made online, students who felt shy to talk in the classrooms will come up with great questions.

Collaborative Classroom is an application which the teacher used to format the discussions. The students can support, oppose and express their views using this software.

Edublogs – for educational purpose only

Unlike the leading blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger, this blog is dedicated entirely for Educational purpose.

The kids can use journals, school papers, newsletters and other options which will entirely incorporate their syllabus into blogs.

Kidblog – blogging for students

Blogging can be quite threatening to young kids in 3rd and 4th grades. What will they know if the blogging company advertises to them and asks them for E-mail addresses?

The Kidblog is dedicated to those children. It is attractive and never advertises. It doesn’t require a sign up process too.

Edmodo – interaction medium for students and teachers

It looks freakishly similar to Facebook but it differs entirely. It is a network where Teachers and Students interact exclusively. Teachers can assist their students in doing project works, assignments and that acts as a catalyst to increase their relationship with the children.

It also includes a calendar in which children can post the dates of exams, assignment dues and other things.

TeacherTube – YouTube for teachers

As the name says, it is YouTube for the teachers. Teachers can asses this site and search for available lectures on their topics to prepare for a class. It also contains various data and pictures related to a particular topic.

So, why do you want to deny your kids all the fun stuff that these sites could provide? Go and talk to them about these sites and make their education a tad bit interesting.