7 New Apps You Don’t Want to Miss

The top seven of them were selected from the digital haystack, the latest and most innovative ways to bring yourself into the other dimension while doing your daily jog, focusing your camera phone on a single position while modifying exposure in another or invest some valuable moment to catch up on the election madness.

Below are different apps that will surely entice your ‘techie’ appetite and can even spread the buzzword to all your friends. So let’s get to know them one by one and later, you decide which app is your favorite and give a nice try.

SmugMug Camera Awesome for iPhone

This brand-new camera app from SmugMug is created for iPhone and certainly it lives up to its reputation. You can use it to indicate a degree for the horizon, to concentrate on one location while setting the exposure on another option or a video that’s prerecorded. The application records everything you are directing the camera at with only 5 seconds of load time. In addition, it performs well as a daily camera for important events.

The app is much more than an ordinary camera. In combination with features crafted for cropping, adding text and making frames, this awesome app has a range of presets and filters. You can evaluate the effects of these adjustments side-by-side. And to surprise you, it comes with an “Awesomize” option to achieve the mentioned result. This SmugMug app is absolutely downloadable and free.

Zombies Run! For iPhone

You may think running is tedious, but not with this particular post-apocalyptic zombie chase. Zombies Run is a great partner app for jogging where you are “Runner 5” in the setting. The app works via voice recordings and tell you which position you have in the chase. In order to save the virtual civilization, you have to collect items within the city while being hunted by zombies. Running for a longer period benefits you more items. Once you get home, you’ll be able to choose how to send out the supplies you get most successfully. Based on the Website of Zombies Run, the app is going to be arriving at Android this spring season. It costs $7.99, very affordable.


Ad Network Detector for Android

Lookout, a mobile security firm introduced this app for Android phones. The latest mobile app displays the exact ad networks that have presence on your phone. Moreover, Ad Network Detector informs you what info on your phone can be accessed by the apps and the amount they transfer to those ad networks. This is also a free application.


WP Politics for iPad

This latest iPad app is released by The Washington Post that monitors the 2012 US presidential election. Election enthusiasts are now able to acquire video, polling data, graphs and quick updates in tablet format. The new app is free, and requires $2.99 for extra content.


News.me for iPhone

If you are a social person who loves everything from current events to the trending issues, News.me is a good app for your mobile. It filters various links from social media streams of users, delivering them with interesting stories that are worth a read. It was designed as an iPad app from New York Times Company’s prototype. For the very first time, the service was released as an iPhone application. This version is abridged to an image-centered stream, with choices to leave scripted answers such as “Wow,” “Ha?” and “Really?” It is also free for everybody’s enjoyment.


Kicksend for iPhone

The iPhone only allows you to post 5 images at the same time. With Kicksend, it is possible to send as much as 30 photos and files at a time. Isn’t it practical? And mind you, it’s free.