7 steps to ensure perfect measurement of your social media’s health – Part II

The previous article discussed the 3 beginning steps to ensure proper measurement of your social media campaign. Now, this article will cover the next 4 essential steps:

Platform selection decision should be made wisely

After you complete figuring out your strategy, it is important to select an appropriate platform. There are some basic factors affecting the selection of a platform:

Reports: Identify the process you will use for sharing your information. It is better to actually go for a premier tool when it comes to reports. It is possible to have emailable and embeddable data & charts. You should be able to access them directly via mail as well.

Data: Decide what you actually need to measure and what the appropriate channels are. Otherwise, you will end up measuring data which is not at all required for measurement.

Actionable insights: An analysis is always important to measure your social media campaign; remember, data and actionable insights should not be mixed.

Ease of use: The platform should be easy to use and understand. Otherwise, you or your workers managing the campaign may become confused. Convenience is the key here!

Auditing is important

A basic requirement is to audit the different metrics. Actually, it is important to know where you stand and also where your competitors are. Once the auditing part is complete, you will be able to make your baseline for each month or year.

Another utility of auditing is to understand the customer reactions to specific businesses and products. You will be able to understand the conversation share of different channels and players. Thus, you will know the sectors to check for service issues and also the area where building a relationship with influential and thoughtful leaders is mandatory.

Dig deeper in your channels

For all the channels, it is important to know the volume of conversation. So, a channel wise comparison is recommended for you and also your competitors. You will know which sections are doing well and which require some improvement.

If you take a glance at the customer’s voice, what they are buzzing about and what kind of sentiment is flowing in, you will be able to make most of the opportunities. Suppose, there is some negativity flowing in about your competitor’s product, if you can identify the root cause, you can modify your plan accordingly to acquire one or a set of customer.

Do the A/B Testing

Do you have more than one social media campaigns going on for your product? Then check which of the many campaigns is working best. Check out the methodology it is adopting and try to ensure the same for other campaigns as well.

Social media campaign measurement is not a thing that is one-go kind but it is rather of continuous. The strategy giving you success today may fail in future, so adopt successful strategies, but make sure to implement timely changes as well. Do not be afraid to experiment and measure the results periodically.