A week after Facebook Video Calling is launched the tempo stays spirited

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Facebook Video Calling requires program download via official Facebook page

In a bid to bring out more interaction with friends online, Facebook and Skype have come together to bring you their Video Calling facility. Facebook friends will find this new video calling facility a breeze. Signing up is easy as you have to sign into Facebook Video Calling and then download a program from the official Facebook page.

Mark Zuckerberg made this exciting announcement on the 6th of July 2011. He said that the new design and concept of Facebook working along with Skype to enable video calling was absolutely exciting for the company and would be a hot favorite among users. Group Chat will be a favorite Facebook feature, and would definitely be a success story for the younger generation of users.

Total revamping of the system will enable you to have video conversations with more than one person in the chat window. You will be able to see who all are online and have a video chat with them provided you are connected, and have downloaded video calling facility.

Do not get scammed in trying to download Facebook Video Calling

Though this social networking medium promises to be a lot of fun and an easy way of keeping in touch, there are also some points to be kept in mind. Every social network site has its own share of scammers waiting to gather as much information as possible about users and use this to their own individual gains. Younger users are easy targets and more susceptible to fall to scamming sharks on the lookout for new blood. Personal information given on sites is bound to attract unwanted attention and using this information in the wrong way is sure to cause more harm than good. It’s important to use better judgment and get started with video calling through the only available option rather than be inquisitive about video chatting facility through random wall posts.

Simplicity of using Facebook Video Calling

The group chat option that Facebook gives you in on the similar lines as Google Plus. While you are in the process of chatting online with a friend, you just have to click on an icon. It is as simple as this and this enables you to add more and more friends to your conversation. Facebook has over 750 million users worldwide. Zuckerberg said that concentrating on perfecting one thing will get you greater success than trying to do everything.

Zuckerberg, at an event at the company’s headquarters at Palo Alto in California also said that Facebook, which is regarded as the world’s largest online social networking site was coming out with new products in the next few months. Facebook is constantly striving to bring out better products and services to its large network. Currently all Facebook users share everything from photos, status updates and links on an everyday basis and it is growing in popularity and promise each day. With company constantly working on advancement and betterment, Video Calling for Facebook users with webcam equipment have the option of selecting friends they would like to chat with. Currently there is an option of only chatting with one person after clicking the icon but services will be extended to include a group in due course once video chat is available to every user.