Adieu to good Old Twitter?

Old Twitter transforms to must use new Twitter interface

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Here’s news for all tweet-a-holics out there. New Twitter has made a bold entry and claim, nine months after launch, to completely oust the older version. ‘The new will persist and replace’ is not something Twitter users are not prepared for; but this rather urgent shift came as a surprise to many. Twitter users were being consistently asked by the social networking site to switch over to the newer and trendier version  but the upgrade is now a thrust and no more a request. With the message changed and more urgent, users are now guaranteed an automatic upgrade to New Twitter.

This declaration right on top of the old Twitter screen, highlighted in yellow is an alert and a pointer to the ‘very, very soon’ bit. The makeover could take days or even a fortnight or more and the Twitter flip is inevitable, however, user reactions are mixed. With Twitter all geared to eliminate the older social networking interface design, the new version is not something everybody is willing to take to. From responses and reactions on record, it is clear to see the lobby complaining about the change, though the complainants lobby is not as big as compared to the number of global Twitter users.

Twitter users don’t expect “Oops something went wrong! Try your tweet again later”

Twitter flaunts more than 100 million in figures now and most seem snug and are awaiting this permanent switch to an upswing design. The social media company has been working on the project since the last nine months and now finally makes the clarion call to shift to the new interface. Among the many glitches complained about by users is the technical snag around the decision to revert due to a bad code that hit New Twitter users for a number of good tweeting hours. Responses to generated queries like – Should the old Twitter really go, are pouring in with mixed emotion.

Comments encouraged on the social networking site display an array of amusement, anticipation, anxiety and love for what most users were really comfortable with for a long time. Quite an audience is ok with the shift on condition that the new twitter should guarantee a 100% tweeting time, instead of the ‘Oops something went wrong! Try your tweet again later!’ message that used to flash on the screen of the older version. This is ‘very annoying’ according to a lobby and they are waiting to check out the versatility of the new design interface.

Twitter users geared up for a new Tweet experience

On the whole, many Twitter enthusiasts are awaiting the shift and actually expected it to take place much earlier. The ‘pros’ target the ‘no’s’ with the declaration that users really had enough of time on hand to comprehend and get geared for the shift. On the flip side there are claims of the newer version actually bogging down browser(s) and hence the love for the ‘old is gold’ stance. Those few who are rallying for the older version to stick around are also of mixed feelings on the fact that the site interface really needed a 21st century 2011 upgrade.