AdSense Tips for the First Time User


AdSense Tools

  • Use the Quicksense iPhone App to track your AdSense earnings, stats and more from anywhere. Price: $3.99
  • The Google AdSense Preview Tool allows you to see what you’re site would look like with AdSense and even test different colors and formats.
  • Google AdSense Keyword Tool; this tool is really useful for identifying the most searched keywords based on the pages of your site.

AdSense Placement Tips

  • Ads should be above the first fold for the best click through potential.
  • Keep your users in mind. Think about what the user is trying to accomplish on the page and what they’re doing when choosing an ad’s position.
  • Placing ads near navigation puts more focus on the ad.

Google AdSense Basics

  • AdSense to a free program for web publishers, however you do have to submit an

application and be accepted into the program.

  • To fully optimize your ads use Google AdSense channels to test ad performance, testing different ads against each other almost always leads to improvement.
  • You can further monetize your pages using the AdSense for search, which increase your ad display opportunities.