Are You Taking Advantage of the NetworkedBlogs App?

Adding your blog is fairly simple. Just go to click ‘Add Your Blog’ and you’re on your way.

Helpful Tips for Installing and Using NetworkedBlogs

After putting in the blog information you’ll be asked to verify the blog. You have two options for doing this; you can take the longer method and have friends verify it, or you can use the quicker, more technical method of adding a snippet of code to your blog. If you want to display the facebook widget on your blog use the code method.

The widget comes in really handy, allowing your blog readers to follow your blog on Facebook with the click of a button.

Get your friends to follow your blog. Once you have 11 followers NetworkedBlogs will automatically feed your blog to your Facebook profile page. put together a very useful video that walks you through the steps of registering your blog with NetworkedBlogs.