ASP.NET MVC with HTML5 and jQuery for ComponentOne

Studio ComponentOne JavaScript library for MVC Wijmo

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Here’s another feather in the jQuery bonnet. The latest is that Studio ComponentOne is unleashing the power of the JavaScript library for MVC Wijmo as the ultimate toolset for enriching the UI aspect of Microsoft’s ASP.NET. As a leader in the development of productivity tools, ComponentOne has been building applications at enterprise level not only for avid desktop web explorers but also a myriad of devices that exploit web and mobile connectivity. The rostrum has now released CTP – Community Technology Preview, an exclusive ComponentOne Studio designed only for MVC Wijmo.

The move is to empower the MVC Wijmo applications with a rich interface that is rife with ASP.NET MVC upgrades. The lineup of add-on frills include 30 of the latest jQuery widgets exclusive designed to upgrade the user interface with the deployment of Wijmo and a very upscale Wijmo enriched and technologically enhanced MVC network. The tech scaffolding thus provided has resulted in the development of a new web suite that is full of ComponentOne and jQueryUI leverages for any user to benefit from a truly empowering skill set.

ASP.NET MVC 3 Wijmo enriched applications

A glance at the page uploaded at gives you a complete picture of the Wijmo as a complete kit of UI enriched widgets. The deal brings along empowerment in the form of everything from menus of interactive quality, to rich charts. If what Chris Bannon says as the ComponentOne Product Manager is anything to go by, all the widgets are hand-crafted and flaunt state of the art themes. The ComponentOne Technical genius Kevin Griffin promotes the rostrum as a very new and innovative project type that is a storehouse of ASP.NET MVC 3 Wijmo enriched applications.

The devised application works with the traditional template of ASP.NET MVC and is capable of adding Wijmo through an automated process. The magic is spun with the qualitative end result – MVC application with a fantabulous user interface. Versatility comes in the form of UI practices that are markup jQuery enhanced. The upscale and innovative Wijmo MVC scaffolding offers users access to automate rich interactive model controllers and an upbeat project template full of jQuery, Wijmo and UI enrichment.

The combination of technology and the versatility brought into the product by the studio is now able to add immense speed to user applications aspiring to develop MVC based applications rapidly and add dimensions of interfaces that function much more than WebForms. The leap has taken ComponentOne to new level as leader in web technology and the studio has now made available very impressive samples for new prospects to view firsthand the highlights of Studio for deployment on MVC Wijmo CTP.

ComponentOne suite the amalgamation of jQuery and HTML dimensions

Interactive HTML5 and the ingrained custom theme creator within the EditorTemplates, make the ComponentOne suite the amalgamation of jQuery and HTML dimensions. Online resources are now exploring the possibility to deploying the power of the sample templates prior to unleashing full time Studio power with real time project applications. A melting pot of technology ComponentOne has yet again struck gold and enriched the usage of the World Wide Web.