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Dianna Ortiz, Author at Latest Tech Blogs

3 Social Media Apps Marketers Should Use

For anyone who is responsible for engaging and tracking of your Facebook or Twitter community, here are some applications that can help you. These apps and some hard work from you and your team will bring in results which can eventually drive new followers for your brand. Again, these are the top social media programs that were used by majority of online entrepreneurs and are proven valuable for your business endeavors.

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6 Ways to Gain New Customers via Social Media

Everyone knows social media is a vital strategy for brand consciousness and client acquisition – but exactly how are you expected to transform random Facebook and Twitter users into real-life customers? Very well, that depends.

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Leverage trending topics to create relevant content

Among the key features of generating persuasive content for Social Media is that it has to be persistently real-time. This implies, you don’t “always” use a direct time of almost a year to create content, and, this too equals the truth that the information made for Social Media don’t have to be fancy costly. The content that involves your local community and, impacts them to engage, share and ultimately, cause them to take preferred actions, is typical blocks of real information or teasers which can be extremely related, non-disruptive and non-intrusive.

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How to Make Images Stand Out on Pinterest

Pinterest is on its way stimulating majority of online entrepreneurs in pinning their product and merchandise images on this brand new business platform. But as the competition grows, you need to have the right strategy to get noticed and make your photos stand out and even re-pinned. The fact that over 12M users are posting images to the photo-based social site, it’s vital to ensure your posts capture the attention of other Pinterest users.

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