Avast Secure-Me – Best Antivirus for iPhone and iPad

Avast SecureMe is the world’s pioneer that allows users of iPhone and iPad to protect their gadgets and personal information when their iOS devices are connected to the Wi-Fi systems. This is a free application that consequently detects Wi-Fi systems and notifies the users of the most secure connection. Since many users connect their devices to the Wi-Fi without realizing whether or not it’s safe or not, Avast SecureMe allows making the safest connection for utmost protection. Therefore, it is known as the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad,
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According to the President of Mobile at Avast, Jude McColgan:

Public Wi-Fi and unsecured routers have become prime targets for hackers, which presents new risks for smartphones and tablets – even iOS devices aren’t immune.

Avast Secure Me iPhone & iPad

Notifies if Security Issues Occur

Avast SecureMe includes Wi-Fi Security feature that helps people who use open Wi-Fi networks in public like at hotels, airports, or restaurants to keep their data protected. This feature scans Wi-Fi connections and notify if finds any unsecure network or any issues with routers with weaker passwords and routers that are more vulnerable to hackers’ exploitation. Android users can also download Avast Mobile Security app from Google Play.

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Risks for Personal Data Theft

If you connect your iOS device to an unsecured Wi-Fi connection when you log in to a banking site or any site that requires extremely confidential information, the cyber thieves can capture your log in ID further leading to identity as well as online possession theft. Unsecure Wi-Fi connection allows thieves to easily see your emails, personal data, and search history, therefore it is necessary to use a secure and encrypted connection like a virtual private network, commonly known as VPN.

Avast SecureMe App Includes VPN for Privacy Protection

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SecureMe features a VPN to keep your connections protected while you execute online activities as you want your personal information to remain protected, particularly when you are checking your emails, working on online banking, or logging in to your favorite social media accounts. When Avast SecureMe detects that if you have connected to a public Wi-Fi when making an online transaction and automatically connects to the secure Wi-Fi network. You can disable the secure mode for trusted Wi-Fi connections, like the one on your home, as per your convenience.


Avast SecureMe antivirus app for iPhone and iPad is available on iTunes Store. The Wi-Fi security measure is already present in Avast Mobile Security app for Android as well, which is available in Google Play.