Awesome Ways to Get More Twitter Followers 2018

If you want to get more Twitter followers you’ve come to the right place.

1. Craft a Compelling Bio
2. Upload a Real Photo of Yourself
3. Reply to Tweets Publicly
4. Follow Experts and Popular Accounts
5. Get More Twitter Followers by Helping People
6. Strive For Clarity
7. Get More Twitter Followers With a Compelling Profile
8. List The Largest Local City as Your Location
9. Use the Twitter Search Tool
10. Give Great Resources to Your Followers
11. Share Quality Content
12. Create a Story
13. Participate in #FollowFriday
14. Write Killer Headlines
15. Stay Positive
16. Think Different
17. Analyze and Optimize
18. Be Subtle With Introductions
19. Build Trust and Familiarity With Your Followers
20. Do Not Auto-Follow People
21. Get More Twitter Followers Fast
22. Ask a Question
23. Follow Back Relevant Followers
24. Reply as Fast as You Can
25. Leverage Your Other Social Media Profiles
26. Link to Your Twitter Name in Your Email Signature
27. Tell People They Should Follow You On Twitter
28. Tweet Awesome Content
29. Ask Your Followers to Retweet You
30. Create Targeted Connections
31. Reach Out to Your New Followers
32. Carefully Include Keywords in Your Bio
33. Use #Hashtags in Some of Your Tweets
34. Tweet Cool Pictures
35. Block and Report Spammers
36. Retweet Others the Classic Way
37. Unfollow People Who Don’t Follow You
38. Email Your Contacts and Ask Them to Follow You
39. Tweet During Peak Times
40. Participate in Trending Topics
41. Get More Twitter Followers By Following Highly Relevant People
42. Engage with Twitter Giants
43. Use a Tweet Button in Your Blog Posts
44. Do a Charity Promotion
45. Create a Great Looking Twitter Background
46. Pick a Short and Memorable Twitter User Name
47. Tweet Often
48. Run a Contest
49. Use Twitter in Your Blog Comments
50. Interact