Be Seen and Heard with Twitter Video

Twitter tools are popping up almost as fast as new users. Being one of those tweeters I decided to check out one of the latest Twitter offerings – TwitVid.

TwitVid is does just what the name implies – allows you to post short videos along with your tweets.

Here’s how TwitVid works (it’s pretty simple):

  1. Use your Twitter username and password to login – no need to create an account because its automatically syncs up with Twitter.
  2. At the top of your home page you can enter your tweet. If you don’t want a generic message for a tweet make sure you write the tweet before you upload the video, because once the video uploads it automatically posts on your Twitter page.
  3. Then you can choose to either upload a video file or do a web cam capture on the spot to create your video.
  4. And viola! The tweet with a link to your video on TwitVid is posted for you.

TwitVid Extra Cool Features

Don’t forget to try these out.

Instantaneously feed your videos to Facebook, MySpace and Youtube using the Auto-
Share option.

You can also share videos through your phone. You’ll receive a unique email address where you can email videos from your phone putting your tweet in the subject line.

Now go have filmmaking fun.