4 Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most famous tool for analyzing web statistics. This Google service is available from 2005 but it appears to be getting a strong competition because Google Analytics use basic tools and contain a lot of information to prevent users from finding easy shortcuts for higher ranking.

Chiefly, the advantage of these alternatives is a wide range of data, which the services are capable of providing their customers. Website and business owners can benefit from the valuable insights for better user understanding, content optimization, and attaining higher site ranking. For instance, optimizing the website for mobile users to get more viewers and starting social networking to get more visitors.

Mentioned below are some of the better alternatives to Google Analytics.
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1. Kissmetrics


The service found in 2008 called Kissmetrics, an alternative to Google analytics, is quite better at understanding customers relatively. It uses various methods to track user profiles by social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Google Search. They bring a detailed visitors profile by saving all the data in their database, which is then used to make changes in keeping with customer’s needs. Kissmetrics is easy to operate because they have Ios and Android compatible mobile apps.

Kissmetrics alternatively is not cheap. Mainly because the service is consumed at large by high traffic businesses and webmasters, and high income generating websites.

2. Woopra

Woopra Analytics

Woopra is an alternative to Google analytics and a service that openly competes against Kissmetrics. It is more flexible than Kissmetrics, particularly when it generates reports. It also offers real time tracking, getting consumer profiles, analytical reports, click through rate, etc.

Woopra can be integrated with CRM tools such as Salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They also include Android and Ios mobile apps to allow direct accessing from mobile devices and it is cheaper than Kissmetrics.

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3. Clicky

Clicky Analytics

Another service similar to Kissmetrics alternative to Google analytics is Clicky. Apart from basic analytics available in every tool, it offers users an insight into behavior of customers. The monitoring allows getting the better idea of the clicking pattern on your website. It also generates heat maps showing where the most actions take place on your webpage. Clicky can be installed as an application or a plugin to your WordPress site to control straight from the blogging platform.

Clicky is much cheaper than those of its pricey competitors, Kissmetrics and Woopra.

4. GoSquared

GoSquared Analytics

The above mentioned services typically use analytics from US, but GoSquared is a powerful service with multiple features operating mainly from UK. It also has many consumers in Europe. GoSquared can collect the data, which can be done from Google analytics and the features Woopra and Kissmetrics offer. It can be used for getting real time statistics from unlimited websites, latest trends, and social involvement. The service also allows you to install widgets used to communicate with website visitors in real time.

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GoSquared is quite affordable as compared to its above mentioned competitors and gives a trial period of 14 days.