The 12 Best Android Wear Apps of 2018

What is an Android Wear ?

According to Wikipedia, Android Wear is a version of Android operating system designed for smartwatches and other wearables. By pairing with mobile phones running Android version 4.3+, Android Wear integrates Google Now technology and mobile notifications into a smartwatch form factor.

It let you play music, respond to text messages, check weather updates from your watch. Voice integration is another main advantage of the device and you can respond to texts, emails or use various other services by voice.

There are several Google Play apps which are designed specifically for Wear devices. Now we can check best of them.

1) Find My Phone

Find my phone is a great tool to find the lost or misplaced phone. It lets you customize notification settings and launch alarm to trace the lost phone. Just tap on the watch or say ‘Ok Google, start find my phone’, it will starts working !


2) Facer for Android Wear

Facer offers an easy way to customize your watch faces. It is compatible with all smart watches and lets you create analogue as well as digital watches to suit to your needs.

  • Choose/change font
  • Built in editor to place wallpaper, show battery percentage, temperature, custom text, weather etc
  • Unique design and easy to use interface


3) LookBehind for Android Wear

LookBehind is useful companion for smart watches. Otherwise, we can call it as most essential app for Wear devices as it added more values to them. It lets you use your phone as a video camera and watch in watch screen. Interesting concept, right ?


4) PixtoCam for Android Wear

Control your phone camera from the watch to take pictures and record videos.

  • Choose front or rear camera to record or take photos
  • Adjust other camera settings like flash, self timer, resolution etc from the Wear
  • Voice command support
  • Only you knows that the camera is working as there will be no action, sound on the phone


5) Flashlight For Android Wear

Simple, easy to use flashlight app for your wearables. It is supported with Google voice command as well. Just say ‘OK Google…Start flashlight’, it will start lighting.


6) Tickit for Android Wear

Tickit is a new, awesome grocery list app. With the app you can manage shopping lists from the smartwatches. No need to check your list or phone always.


7) Waft

Perfect fart app with lots of funs and interesting moments. Simply say “OK Google, start farting” on your Wear device, and then tap the Fart button to broadcast a fart remotely to your phone.


8) Alarm for Android Wear

Beautiful alarm app designed for your wearables.

  • Multiple alarms support
  • Various customization options
  • Google calender integration


9) Watch Faces for Android Wear

Another elegant watchfaces app. It lets you customize watch in several ways like background, numbers, clock hands, dial, day, date etc.

  • Background- Select from pre-defined backgrounds or set your own color
  • Choose font, color for numbers in the watch
  • Apply different styles and colors for markers
  • Configure other options like vibration, dimmed screen settings etc


10) Wear Translator

Wear Translator is an amazing watch app to translate from English to several foreign languages including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian
and many more.


11) Workout for Android Wear

Workout app will make you more fit and healthy. It is based on certain scientifically proved workouts of American College of Sports Medicine and contains 12 exercises for your smart living.


12) Calculator For Android Wear

Make calculations from your Android Watch. It is useful for basic as well as scientific functions. Basic functions include Division, Multiplication, Subtraction, Addition etc and trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, exponential functions, square root functions, etc are part of scientific functions.