Best apps to help you managing your real life social networks

We all have the challenge of communicating and managing with numerous different friend groups, coworkers and teammates by taking some time off from our busy schedules. Fortuitously, there are ample online tools available which can help with that. Here are some of them to be used for different situations:

Get Your Friends Together

New Facebook Group feature is an extraordinary development over original group application. It’s a clear signal that Facebook is enchanting group organization as well as collaboration seriously. Group Chat as well as Message Lists does great job in keeping large and defined groups on same page.

For groups like organizations or clubs, GroupSpaces is a very good solution. It organizes gatherings, manages members, and shares documents and calendars. GroupSpaces also allows you to gather money from members for group events.

Be in touch With Your team(s)

GroupMe gives you an exclusive phone number for every social group of yours. If you text to that number, everyone in your group receives that text and in case you call to that number, you begin an immediate conference call. For each one of the social groups (like family, coworkers, founder friends, college friends etc.) one can have a GroupMe number.

In case, you want to send a long message to multiple people, Facebook is a better option as it’s easier and quicker than e-mail.

Plan the Party

FacebookEvents isn’t an utmost RSVP-management tool; however it certainly has its place in the market. It’s perfect for events having open guest lists like gatherings or big parties. It works for anyone who wants to gather group of friends in a particular event.

As nobody gives consideration to RSVP requests of FacebookEvents, it’s not advisable for smaller as well as more formal gatherings. You can use Pingg for intimate or formal engagements as invitations are elegant, with recipients taking RSVP part sincerely. For the really big-deal affairs, classic printed invites are good option. Companies like Paperlinks link the gap between digital and real worlds through letting you insert QR codes to printed invitations for giving them one more dimension. These codes can bond online videos, photos, and other image elements to whichever paper invites you will send to your family and friends.

Evite is another option though, it’s a bit clunky, and also it has a bad rap, still, it works well. For casual events having limited guests, Evite is still a very good tool.

Turn up

There are lots of online calendars as well as calendar tools available but Google Calendar is the best! It’s a classic piece of work and it does all you need. You can syncs it with your iCal, which can be run locally on your laptop. It can help you in managing your social life through sharing. You can share your calendar with your circles so that they can always observe about your everyday schedule.

Keep in Touch

Communication is the key. You can communicate with others through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook etc. Etacts is one Gmail plugin which helps in managing your individual relationships. It’s just like your personal CRM. Etacts automatically helps in to stay in touch with your friends. For instance, Etacts reminds you to connect with your college roommate as a minimum of once every week.