Best Chat Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Android smartphones and tablets are most famous devices used all over the world. With such amazing devices, comes the need of chatting with loved ones and even for business purposes that require an awesome chat application. There are some most famous and amazing chat apps taking over the communication world. Continue reading for 5 top chat, communication apps people all over the world love.
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1. WhatsApp

Whatsapp Chat App Android

WhatsApp is a very famous and commonly used chatting app for android, it is not only limited to android but also for iOS, and Windows phones as well. WhatsApp application is a must have in your smartphones. If offers fastest way of communication with friends and family. There is no need for constant logins as it is attached to your cell phone number, so when someone sends you a message you will receive it right away.

This app also let you know when your contacts are online, offline, and their last seen as well. Recently, it has been updated with a new video calling feature, which has made communication a lot easier for WhatsApp users. You can download it totally free, but you can also pay just a dollar a year, which is worth downloading. You can have it free as the payment is not made obligatory.

2. EBuddy Messenger

Ebuddy Chat App

Ebuddy messenger is one of the oldest but still used chat applications. It still one of the best at uniting most common social networks, like MSN, Orkut, Facebook, Aim, Yahoo, GTalk, ICQ, Hyves, and MySpace, which is awesome for those users who like to use all social media apps in one app. Therefore, having this application allows you to not have so many social media apps one after one. You don’t have to stock all the apps to communicate with loved ones. It is also known as a great chat app for Android devices.

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3. Skype

Skype Android

Skype is the most often used app for personal as well as professional use. Many entrepreneurs use it to communicate employees oversees. It offers messenger as well as voice and video calling features and it is free, which is a bonus. You can make phone calls from your smartphone and your PC as well. Make sure to have Skype credit to make voice calls. Give it a try, it is an awesome and most preferred apps just like WhatsApp.

4. ChatPlus

ChatPlus Android

ChatPlus is another great Android chat app. You can download it for free. It allows customization and exchange including songs, photos, files, and documents. It offers faster experience of chatting with friends and family.

5. Viber Chat


Just like Skype and WhatsApp, Viber is another great chat application for Android devices in some countries that permit you to chat with contacts. It is available in two versions, one is free and other is the Pro version, which means you have to buy it. However, free version also comes with voice and video call, and chat features. You should give this app a try.

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Try one or all of these chat apps for Android smartphones and tablets to know your best option for chatting and communicating with friends and loved ones.