Best Resources for managing your Social Media campaign

So, you have realized the uses of marketing through Social Media. You have launched yourself a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile and a Twitter page. Now what? Just sit and hope for the best?

Face it, a 15 year old teenager has all the things you have. So, in order to make the best out of Social Media marketing, you need resources which can effectively manage them. With the massive growth of Social Media, the importance of these resources too has been inevitable. Making the most out of these resources can save you money, time and bring out some ground breaking results.

Let us see about some of the well known social marketing resources:

MediaFunnel – simplicity is the key

This is simply an interface which will allow you to manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts simultaneously. The growth of MediaFunnel has been remarkable and over the past years, it has grown into a massive force with additional options and applications. It has a team of expertise who will manage the brand of your product through both the networks. It also allows your guests to be a part of your network by making them contribute through SMS and E-mails.

The most intriguing factor about MediaFunnel is that anyone can submit a subject to your network which can be reviewed and published to Facebook and Twitter. It organizes the members in your network as “contributors”, “publishers” and “administrators”. The contributors can publish news even without being on Facebook or Twitter.

The Brand Monitoring is another superb application. When you click the Brand Monitoring tab in your dashboard, you will get to see all the latest news regarding your brand and you can publish them to Facebook or Twitter just by a click.

Hootsuite – integration at its best

Have you ever wondered how Twitter is much simpler than other networks like Facebook or MySpace? Now, you have the liberty to have your Facebook and other accounts in a Twitter page. Yes, Hootsuite is a social media resource which will integrate your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and it will treat them similar to your Twitter account. You can create all the things which you did in the original interfaces but all of that are a tad bit easier now.

When integrated with Facebook, it also offers on-line commenting option. Unlike other managers, it is not software based. You can operate it on the internet and it will not consume any of your hard disk space. If you use the URL shorting option given in Hootsuite (, you will be given statistics of the traffic you get to your links in Facebook, Twitter and other pages.

One of the very important features about Hootsuite is that it will allow you to schedule your Twitter posts. Nobody can be online all the time, similarly; nobody would want to post all their Tweets at the same time. So, if you schedule a particular tweet for a specific time, Hootsuite will post it for you!

Similarly, there are other resources like KeenKong, Mutual Mind and Objective Marker as well and these are known to be effective in managing your Social Media Marketing Campaign.