Building Account Applications to stand out of the crowd: HTML5/jQuery

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Microsoft MIX 11 Conference long awaited release

If the applications that are web based are to stand out amidst stiff competition then technologies that are unique and new will be a pre-requisite. It is for this demand that developers these days are coming up with the most innovative web technologies. For all those developers who move to the RIA or the Rich Internet Application from the desktop, this proposition can be truly challenging. For enabling developers learn the latest technologies in JavaScript, HTML5 as well as CSS3, a new application – Microsoft’s MIX 11 Conference (also known as the ‘Account at a Glance’) has been built.

Its release is expected shortly. Important web technologies have been well integrated within, which is also used for displaying information on brokerage accounts to consumers. It is John Papa (Entity Framework Code-First coding), by Dan Wahlin (client-side and server-side coding), Jarod Ferguson (client-side and all around coding guru) and Corey Schuman (design and client-side coding) by whom the application was built in 2011. Feedback offered by Scott Guthrie, John Papa and Giorgio Sardo show good results, alongside the expert take on key ideas as well as solutions incorporated within.

Cutting edge technologies offered through the latest on jQuery

The application amply displays how technologies offering cutting edge advantages have been built. It is being used for

  • Build up of applications that are dynamic
  • Account information display
  • News on the market
  • Video news
  • Charts
  • Quotes

Plugins can be accordingly used. Within this new application, the AJAX technology is dynamically loaded with data. Re-rendering of the data interface takes place with the ‘drag and drop’ frill, in different locations and dependent on the size of the tile that is targeted.

Display of data in different ways can be single solution in two projects

In many different ways, display of data takes place and a means is provided to customize how the information on the account should be displayed by moving around the tiles. On the screen’s different segments, dragging of tiles takes place easily and using the templates by jQuery, resizing of tiles automatically takes place. Various kinds of technologies are used in the application, ‘Account at a Glance’ like jQuery templates, Modernizer, Nuget and HTML5 features.

Canvas, CSS3, HTML5 Boilerplate, ASP.NET MVC 3, SQL Server 2008, JSON and AJAX technologies, Repository Pattern for data access, several jQuery plugins, Unity IoC Container, Entity Framework 4.1 Code-First and SVG are the other technologies ingrained as well. A single solution, the application ‘Account at a Glance’ gives any site competing edge. While the first project in which ASP.NET MVC 3 project template is used in the Account at Glance application, in the second project which is a Class Library project, the Account at Glance model flaunts versatility.

The applications and the technologies embedded within the jQuery solution are all time and again tried and tested for ultimate optimization. For clicks to convert and the niche to applaud, investment in the platform is pivotal. The rave reviews already online are ample proof of the customizations and profitability possible with a simple investment.