Business Promotion through Social Media – Don’t make your campaign a disaster

Promoting your brand through a social media platform is definitely a wise idea these days. More and more people are getting hitched to the social media platforms and finding a potential customer for your product or service has become easier. But, the other side of the coin for your social media campaign can cause your reputation a big time blow if you cannot make your customers happy. In this 21st century, it’s easy to reach out to millions in a minute and imagine what impact it will have on your budding business if dissatisfied customers shout against it! You will never be able to control what others say about your business, but a few strategies can be undertaken to avoid a negative storm about your business.

Community Management Plan

Do you even read the entire “Terms of Services” while joining a site or signing an online contract? Even if you don’t, this can come to your rescue. Make sure to mention that any abusive language being used against your business or any individual related to your business is an offense, and the person involved in doing so may be legally prosecuted. Your business needs to be affiliated by the country Government or relevant agency for doing so anyway.

Hire an individual or any PR agency (It’s actually better to go for the latter) for managing the social media presence of your business. This is not only for monitoring but also for taking avoidance measurements.

Suppose, you have a site selling some gadgets and one of your customers start shouting about what problems he faced after buying one from your online store.  Under these circumstances, it’s best to tame that customer first. If possible, get in touch with that customer personally and sort things out. In the meantime, post on your social media profile about how your customer support system has effectively solved someone’s problem. That’s how you turn negative comments into publicity.

Plan ahead to survive

Your corporate management plan will not be fool proof all the time and it may not be applicable under each circumstance either. But, escalating your plan will help you to come up with new ideas at the time of crisis. You must understand what comments made on social media should be taken care of with utmost priority. For example, if there is huge flare up against your business, a bad rumor against your company, someone reviewing your company negatively in comparison with similar companies etc., which are the ones to be flagged red immediately. Now, after identifying such comments, start to act. Reject these rumors but never harshly as it may turn off others.

Never blame others

Mistakes are inevitable. You can make one as well. If you do, acknowledge the same and start acting to make necessary amendments. Instead if you start blaming your consumers, in the longer run, it will not have a greater negitive impact.

Try to learn from the old players of the game. For an example, Best Buy has received a lot of negative reviews, but due to its efficient social media mechanism, ultimately it has come out as a winner. It’s best to prevent any public relation disaster for your business, but even if you experience any, don’t panic and act to turn the situation into your favor.