6 Fashion Brands that Utilize Social Media

Fashion Brands are increasingly utilizing social media to their advantage. Social media is a means by which they can effectively create interest in their respective brands, earn more money by opening new online selling channels and find new customers. Fashion brands are not the only ones that profit; social media users also get large discounts, latest brand updates and useful fashion brand information through their favorite brand’s social media presence.

Here are six brands that have a strong social media presence:

Burberry Beat for Men

Burberry Beat for Men is a popular fashion brand that has an especially strong social media presence. It has pages on all major social media websites like Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, YouTube and the like. Subscribers to Burberry Beat for Men receive exclusive information like the latest news, videos and photos. Burberry Beat for Men gives out free stuff like a Burberry the Beat for Men bottles every week.

Billabong – Australian fashion brand

Billabong is a fashion brand from Australia, and enjoys a lot of popularity in the rest of the world as well. They have pages on Facebook and on Twitter. Members can access photos, videos and catch the latest buzz. They also have access to the latest information about upcoming events. Members receive periodic updates on Twitter as well as on Facebook.

Oasis – women’s fashion brand

Oasis is a women’s collection fashion brand. It has a presence on Facebook and Twitter, as well as an iPhone application. Fans and followers get information about the newest arrivals, clothing, accessories, shoes and discounts. Oasis also has a cool online changing room feature that lets you slip into your dream fashion wear virtually. You can mix and match from their vast range of accessories and choose something that suits you best.

Lover – popular across the world

Lover is another popular fashion brand from Australia. They utilize social media well, and have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Podcast. They have a catchy recruitment line- they encourage you to come join “The Black Rose Army!” Their social media pages provide information about upcoming events, latest arrivals and other information. They let members access their archive videos on YouTube.

TopSHOP – UK fashion brand

TopSHOP, a fashion brand from the UK, has a popular MySpace social media page. It is estimated that 5% of all its sales come from this MySpace page, which is really something huge. Their page on MySpace features some great music, and showcases some great photos of the latest fashion trends. They also have online sales offers at times.

H&M – present on several social networking sites

H&M is another brand from the UK which has Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Members on Facebook can access a bunch of exclusive features on their official H&M Facebook page like a style guide, fashion videos, fashion studio, the H&M magazine and shop online. The iPhone app can also be downloaded, and the FAQ page provides quite a bit of useful information. The store locator, customer service and all for children are the other tools on offer for fans.