Can Your Blog Get a Boost from Technorati?

In the world of bloggers Technorati is a familiar name. Technorati started out as a blog search engine but now has expanded its services and is calling itself a full service media company. So what exactly can a blogger expect to get out of this full service media company?

State of the Blogosphere

Technorati’s annual review of everything blogs, State of the Blogosphere, is an extremely valuable resource for bloggers. It provides in overview as well as in depth info on everything from broad blogger demographics to how people are monetizing their blogs.

Search Engine

Technorati started as a blog search engine and that’s still what they’re known for, rivaling even Google’s blog search. According to, since the start of 2009 over 3 million unique visitors a month come to search blogs, photos and more on Technorati.

Blog Registry

Now that search has been covered you know why registering your blog with Technorati is a smart move. It’s free and you’ve got over 3 million potential readers to put your blog in front of.

Technorati Ranking

Technorati’s ranking system is like a badge of honor for those high up on the list and it’s a good way to promote your blog once you start working your way up the ladder. The ranking is based off of how many links you have – a true social media measurement.

World of Widgets

Need I say more than widgets. Display your Technorati ranking, throw up a tag cloud, or easily see who’s linking to a post with the “Technorati This” browser bookmark.

There’s plenty more going on at so if you haven’t already signed up it’s highly suggested that you do. There’s a large community of blog readers, useful tools and info all at no cost. Bottom line: your blog can do nothing but benefit from Technorati.