How to Change Any Default Application in Android System?

When you have to open a particular kind of file, you certainly have some app preferences that is what application you want that file to be displayed in? If you have already selected the application for a file in the Android system, it might be quite problematic for you to change that setting and replace that application by another. Such as, if you previously set your documents to be opened by Polaris and now you want all of them to open by Ms. Word, how can you do so?
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For example, in the scenario displayed below I have fixed all my videos to be opened by Youtube audio application. However, now I want to try the VLC application for playing the videos. In order to do so, I perform the following steps. Scroll down to find out how I changed the default app for Android system.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Apps list. Check the list of all Apps. In case if this App is from Google Play, check the downloaded list.
  3. Search for the App which you want to change the default for. (In this case YouTube video)
  4. Open the App
  5. Click Clear Defaults

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This is a simple and quick process and it will not delete any personal data such as your documents, videos, images etc.