How to change default search engine and home page in Firefox?

Don’t you just love some search engines like some people are addicted to Google and some just can’t breathe without Bing. People are different and so are their choices and preferences. New websites and search engines are being launched each day, with added features and value innovations but some search engines are just too user-friendly and convenient, that they never get old and in fact people stick to them for ages.
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Internet browsers come with their own default search engines and home pages but why suffer when you can easily make your very favorite search engine, the default search engine on any browser that you use. Today we talk in particular about the famous internet browser called Mozilla Firefox and how you can customize it to suit your own needs. Yes today we tell you how to change default search engine and home page on Firefox. Intrigued? Read along and thank us later when you enjoy a good search on your very favorite search engines while using the great Firefox.

How to Change Home Page in Firefox?

  • Open Firefox window
  • Click Tool.
  • Click Options

change Home Page in Firefox

  • Delete the entry inside Home Page.
  • You may enter the URL for a new Home Page. Then click OK.
  • Close the window. Open Firefox and check if the Home Page is changed.

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How To Change Default Search Engine in Firefox?

  • Open Firefox window

change Default Search Engine in Firefox

  • Click search window
  • Click Manage Search Engines

Manage Search Engines

  • Inside the list, if you find any unwanted Search Engines listed, click on it and then click Remove.
  • You can also use the Move up, Move Down window to select your default search engine.

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