How Do You Change The Notification Sounds On Your Android Phone?

Tired of the same loud notification sound on your Android device?

While you may like to change the ringer tone periodically, not many look at changing their notification sounds. All companies devise a default notification sound, common across their devices. That’s one of the ways you identify with your Apple or Samsung device.

However, notifications don’t come rarely today any more – most apps, from your favorite app game to the weather app has a notification system that you will have to allow once you install it. You could be receiving notifications throughout the day.

Be it text messages or social media alerts, the signature notification sound is a constant companion that you cannot imagine a day without.

Additionally, there is always the problem of mistaking a sound from someone else’s phone as yours in a public spot.

You expect that important notification to come in but you get a notification of an app update. If you want to avoid this unnecessary confusion, change the default notification sound to something that will be easily identifiable for you.

Changing the notification sound of your phone is not a complicated process. If you know the basics of how to operate your phone, then you will be able to do it without any hassle.

What to do?

You can follow these steps easily irrespective of whether you are a beginner or experienced user.

  1. Go to Settings

For starters, you need to visit the Settings menu on your phone. You can access it by simply clicking on the icon. Now, click on the Sound option which you will find under the Phone or Device menu depending on your phone’s set-up.

This space has all the information related to your phone’s ringtone and all kinds of default notification sounds. You can switch and toggle different sounds and effects here.  

  1. Go to the Sound Menu

If you want to change the ringtone of your phone, then you should click on the option called Phone Ringtone. Otherwise, you can go the Default Notification Sound menu to make the necessary changes to alert sounds. The device will provide you with a list of pre-installed alert sounds and you can play them one by one till you find the sound you like. You can check the option you like and click Okay. Just doing this will change the notification sound for all your applications in one go.

  1. Customize Your Notifcation Sounds


In case you want different notification sounds for different applications or text messages, then you can do so through their individual Settings options. The default sound that you set will be applicable for any notification you receive irrespective of their type and origin.

If you want to receive text messages with a different tune, then visit the Menu button where you will find the Settings option. You will find a separate Notifications section, which will let you change the Sound. You can select the new notification sound and give it the green signal.

Similarly, you can personalize the notification sounds of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well.

You can also use your favorite songs and audio clips as your notification tone instead of going for the pre-installed options. The import option will let you transfer the required audio from the internal or external storage cards into the list of choices.

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