Changing Your Android Keyboard: How Do You Go About It?

Most of us do not think twice about using the keyboard that comes with the Android device we purchased. It is simple and easy to use which is why the thought of changing it does not enter our minds.

However, the truth is that there might be a keyboard out there which is better suited for you. The default keyboard does not ace in terms of productivity or appearance.

You might want a keyboard that is completely different in terms of looks, positioning and keys. There are unlimited options to choose from and the process of changing is not at all difficult.

Setting up different input methods is essential if you are using different keyboards.  


  • Check Out the Pre-installed Options


You will discover that your Android device has some pre-installed keyboard options which you never explored. Different companies provide different keyboards as a part of this list from which you can choose. You need to look no further than your own device if you want to experiment.

However, you have to the enable the option of additional keyboards if you want to use them. Visit the Settings menu on your phone and then go to the Personal section. Here, you will find an option called Language and Input under which you will find the section called Keyboards and input methods. It will have a list of the keyboards which are installed on the Android device at that moment. However, the menu might differ for different brands. Some devices have a direct option called the ‘Language & keyboard’ – which you can find from the Settings itself.

Once you find the keyboard that you want to use, check the box beside it in order to enable it. Visit any text box if you want to run a test as to how it works. You can also set any of these keyboards as your Default.

All keyboards have their own individual settings and it is easy to adjust them – all you need is to clicking it.  Do not expect similar options for all keyboards because they originate from different manufacturers.


  • Switch When You Want


The default keyboard which you set will automatically work whenever you open any text box. However, if you change your mind midway as to which keyboard you want to use while typing, then you can do so directly from there.

If the keyboard is already enabled, then all you need to do is switch and toggle using the tiny keyboard icon. Being able to access the input methods from the notification menu itself will ease your work.


  • Install a new keyboard!


In the event that you want an absolutely new keyboard instead of choosing from the device’s pre-installed keyboards, do not worry. Visit the Android Play Store which has a variety of keyboards that you can install with a tap.

There are efficient keyboards, colorful keyboards and unique keyboards which will give you plenty to play with. While some of them are paid apps, most of them come for free which would make it easier to experiment frequently.

A new Android keyboard is sure to liven up your digital experience, so go ahead and install one today!