Combining Google’s 5 best services

We’ll admit it; we are great fans of Google. But then almost all webmasters are. From all its current offerings, five services stand out as indispensable to webmasters. We will discuss how you can combine these five to build yourself an empire and make a livelihood online.


This is where thousands of successful webmasters started off their journey to internet marketing. Blogger still reigns as the easiest to use blogging platform. There are rumors that Google likes to place Blogspot blogs at the top of its results, though years of experience have made us skeptical of this claim. Starting a Blogger is still a great idea for most webmasters, since it gives them almost all functionalities that other blogging platforms do, plus easy integration with Adsense.


Once you have your Blogger blog set up, and promotion campaigns are on the road, you would do well to create an Analytics account to monitor the traffic coming to and leaving from your site. It does much more than just showing you how many users visited your site. It shows you which categories of articles users liked, where in the world they came from, whether they followed an external link to leave your site or just closed the tab directly and more. All these help you refine your site for the best user experience. Failing to learn how to use Analytics is a mistake that thousands of failed webmasters have made. Maybe you could be smarter.


While users are pouring in from other traffic sources, you might want to head over to Youtube. An entertaining evening isn’t exactly what we are suggesting. What we are suggesting is for you to get acquainted with the video site and find out how other webmasters are using it to drive traffic to their sites. Learn how to make and upload videos that will entice users to visit your blog. Boring videos won’t be watched. Videos with fake titles will be flagged. Spammy videos will be flagged too. Getting visitors from Youtube is an art more than anything. An art that you might take months to master, but is worth every minute spent on learning it.


By this time, we are hoping you are actively monitoring your Analytics account as Youtube drives traffic to your Blogger blog. There’s no revenue yet, though, is there? Adsense, with its easy integration with Blogger, will allow you to place ads wherever you want to. Just be careful that your blog contains some material of use to people, and is well within Adsense policies.

Doubleclick for Publishers

Simply placing ads doesn’t guarantee clicks. Users won’t click on ads that are completely irrelevant to the content on the page. Besides, if you have to manually manage ads that you sold individually as as Adsense slots, you are in for a major headache. Again, it’s Google that provides the solution. Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) allows you to manage all ad slots via DFP’s great UI.

Combining these five great Google services are the quickest way to online riches. Mastering the art of using them all in conjunction will take more than a little time, but in the long run no education will be worth more.