Crystal : A Theme for bbPress

At present this layout is still in development so you are free to give your suggestions and I will try to improve the theme. I am also developing a new spanky theme for wordpress as I write this. I think this will be my entry for the upcoming theme competition.

But there are lots of thanks to be given for this theme for bbPress… Here are my thanks to these wonderful people in the wordpress community,

If after all this you are wondering what bbPress is then head on to the official site of bbPress and see for yourself. Anyways here is a brief sneek peak into bbPress

bbPress is forum software with a twist. bbPress is focused on web standards, ease of use, ease of integration, and speed. Most software in this space is focused on features like avatars or file attachment and if that’s what you’re interested in, bbPress probably isn’t for you. We’re focused on keeping things as small and light as possible for the explicit purpose of creating a community around support.

I just hope Crystal becomes a much bigger hit than Fauxed my theme for wordpress simply because i have spent a lot more time on this theme than on Fauxed.. For a live demo see my bbPress installation here .

Here is the download for all those eager people :

PS : There is a detailed Readme to help you get started in the Zip up for download..